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  1. 6006E No Powering On?

    Thanks for the input 'Stoney871' - that was pretty much what I was thinking... i'll dig out the manual tomorrow and test the fuse and if there is no joy then yes, it is probably goosed! Having said that, it only cost me 14 quid! :D
  2. I recently go a replacement 6006E of eBay that had a number of problems that were easily fixable (error code 3 & 4, locked 10 etc.) and after fixing them I tested them in my Streetka bafore !Removed! on the final 'housing'. Everything went fine and the system seemed happy. However 10 minutes later after putting on the final housing the 6006E fails to turn on! :-( I have seen this error with others on the interwebz, but so far, nobody has managed to come up with a solution. The symptoms are that the display does not come on and none of the mechanics go through their usual start-up procedure... however the wee green lights by the CD drawer DO come on, so there is power coming from somewhere (although, they only come on when the headlights are on, so it could be a seperate system). I have disconected the power via the connection at the back and the battery, but still no life... I think I may die if I have to drive much longer without music! - Any of you guys or girls got any ideas? I was going to look at the fuses tomorrow, but others that have reported this issue said that their fuses were fine. I hope someone can help, thanks in advance.... RobinM
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums RobinM :)