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  1. Happy Birthday wba1990!

  2. Fiesta Cigarette Lighter

    I've seen the threads on here about the Lighter fuse location however I'm having difficulty locating it to replace as mine has stopped working. Attached is my fuse box - could anyone point out where the fuse for this is please? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Bluetooth?

    I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec S that doesn't have Bluetooth in the vehicle. I have purchased a BTR006 Bluetooth receiver that plays music fine but calls won't work for some reason Could I get Bluetooth installed into my car and if so how much would it be? Also would something like this only work if I already had bluetooth in my vehicle: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_783107_langId_-1_categoryId_165571#tab1
  4. Poss New Alloys

    Purchased some alloys, hopefully coming tomorrow - would post them on here but I've forgotten how to!
  5. Poss New Alloys

    I take it there has been no complaints so far about the ST alloys then. Does anyone know where you can get them from?
  6. Poss New Alloys

    Four mate
  7. Poss New Alloys

    Any idea's as to what kind of alloys would look good with that car, I quite like the ones on at the moment but I could pay for a new alloy and then the other could go - I will also be looking to get the alloys coated - more than likely anthracite
  8. Poss New Alloys

    I have a cracked alloy and been told it needs replacing, having looked on here seems a lot of people have problems with the 17 inch ford alloys. So would people recommend just getting a like for like replacement or should I get some different alloys - if so does anybody have any ideas as to what alloys look good on a black ford fiesta zetec s? Cheers
  9. Bleeping Potholes!!

    This happened to me about 9 months ago, went down a very nasty pothole didn't think nothing of it then my car was pulling to the left and something didn't feel right. Carried on home as it was only 5 minutes down the road as I thought I must of knocked the tracking out, when i checked the wheel complete flat. Took it to the garage and the tyre had ripped. Cut long story short claimed on council they did pay 75% of what I had to pay but took them bout almost 6 months - so I complained about that and they gave me the other 25% :P. So although it took 9 months they did pay out eventually!
  10. Washing The Car

    Thanks for that. I may do thatthen to be honest, garage to jetwash and get rid of the main dirt then home to give it a proper wash
  11. Washing The Car

    So my Fiesta is filthy, like really bad (that my mates can write stuff into the dirt!) and I want/need to clean it, however I don't have access to a hosepipe. So how is the best way to 1) clean the car, any tips etc and 2) do it without the use of a hosepipe?
  12. Iphone Holder

    Any idea how I order this as I don;t believe you can order direct from Brodit? Although I may be wrong
  13. Iphone Holder

    Sorry to bring up a bit of an old post but wanted to check, if I order this will it fit any iPhone 5 holder I buy?
  14. Custom Car Mats

    Mine have arrived just not at my address as had them sent elsewhere, if nobody posts a pic up I will post some Tuesday as that will be my first chance to collect them
  15. Yeah it's best to go black and another colour you plan on having on your car Not sure if this is of any help: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/36069-removing-speedo-for-changing-lights-colour/