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  1. A Serious Problem With My Fiesta

    I filled my car up with diesel at the Ford garage on Friday, and have not noticed any problems since so I think I'll not bother taking it back to Ford unless the problem resurfaces. Perhaps it was due to bad diesel?
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Zs Problem

    By any chance, was your problem similar to my problem I posted here:http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/25053-a-serious-problem-with-my-fiesta/ And if so, do you think spark plug replacement could solve it?
  3. A Serious Problem With My Fiesta

    I took the car to the Ford garage this morning, and in typical fashion, the problem was very minor when the service manager looked at it. He said it was probably due to me having the air con on, which is a total joke as I have never had this problem with the air con on in the previous 2 and a half years and I certainly didnt have the air con on in the video I recorded. They had no courtesy cars available so I have to chance it until Monday morning. He believes me that I am genuinely having problems but said the issue is that they cannot recreate the problem when they have the car. He said the car drove perfectly for them when they tested it for 2 days last week. I have sent them an email of the video and told them to make sure the service manager see's it. Thankfully I am off work next week so I told them to hold onto the car for as long as possible to ensure they witness the problems. I have never been so frustrated and I have lost confidence in the car.
  4. A Serious Problem With My Fiesta

    It is a motability car so I think I'm limited to the Ford dealer that I got the car from. Although I think I might check to see if I can take it to any Ford dealership that is a motability partner.
  5. Hey guys, I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.6TD Titanium 3dr with only 23k miles and for 2 and a half years it has been great but for a week or so I have been having serious problems. Initially, the powertrain warning light would come on intermittently along with a engine malfunction message. Then I noticed that the car started to stall on me with alarming regularity. I took the car to Ford and they told me they reprogrammed the car, and it went fine again for a couple of days. Then the car stalled 3 times in quick succession leaving me broken down in the middle of a roundabout. The same powertrain light and engine malfunction light would now appear but also the engine oil pressure warning lamp. I again took the car to Ford, and after a day of testing, they gave it back to me and told me they found no faults. I was extremely angry and frustrated. Then today, and was in 2nd gear turning into a housing estate and the car stalled, with the powertrain light, engine malfunction message and engine oil pressure light coming on but now the battery lamp was also lighting up. I restarted the car and left it sitting parked in neutral and noticed something very strange. If I pushed the clutch in fully, i noticed the car intermittently revving itself to around 1.5RPM, and if I let the clutch out fully the car would intermittently decrease the revs to around 0.5RPM and nearly stall itself. I managed to capture it on video here: Ironically, as soon as I stopped recording, the car stalled itself and just the engine oil pressure and battery lamps came on like this: I badly need help with this as I no longer feel the car performs safely or consistently and Ford appear unable to solve the problem.
  6. Gel badge overlays

    What size(mm) would I need for my Fiesta Titanium with 16'' alloys? Any advice on how to apply the gel badges? Mines arrived today but its a very wet day today and my car is soaking so I dunno if I should wait for it to dry before applying the gel overlays.
  7. Gel badge overlays

    Hey guys, is it possible to get 4 badges to stick on the alloy wheel centre caps over the blue ford ones?
  8. Gel badge overlays

    Get sum pictures up mate when you get a chance. Really wanna see what the carbon badge looks like.
  9. Gel badge overlays

    Hey mate, any chance you could show some photos at an angle which shows your ford badge, but also your mountune wing mirrors & sidesplash?
  10. Gel badge overlays

    What can I say mate, I like to get other peoples opinions before I purchase things. Think I will go for the carbon though as I think it will look awesome:
  11. Gel badge overlays

    Hey guys, which badge would look the best on a panther black fiesta titanium? I am thinking propably the black/chrome or carbon/chrome?
  12. Opinion on Black Fiesta Mountune

    Thanks for the opinions guys! Just cant believe only 1 person liked it! I dont know what to do now, I wanted the mountune upgrade as I thought it would make my car unique as I have yet to see it on a car in my local area.
  13. Opinion on Black Fiesta Mountune

    Michelle, I can get the entire thing done for £1030 as I am not going for the engine upgrade and I am just going for standard performance tyres instead of the high performance dunlop tyres. Really didnt expect such negative opinions.
  14. Opinion on Black Fiesta Mountune

    Naw I'm not really that into cars or power or speed so dont care about the performance upgrade. My Fiesta is a diesel anyway but I seem to be one of very few who thinks the mountune kit looks nice.
  15. Opinion on Black Fiesta Mountune

    Yeah there was a guy on here who said he was getting the black yellow badges so I hope someone hopefully posts pics of them to get a better idea if the yellow matches the mountune yellow. Its gonna cost me around £1000 to get it done so I want to get peoples opinions before I spend the money.