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  1. Hi all I would really appreciate the opinions or experience of anybody who has come across the same problem as I am having with my Focus 1.8 Flexifuel/Petrol, 2008 registration. Bought from new and engine management light came on some months ago, took it to the garage and they used a diagnostic test and then replaced the air filter. Problems persisted with light coming on and then going off again. The car recently began to lose power and become very heavy on petrol. A main ford dealer garage told me the instrument panel was faulty but while waiting for a new one to come in the car died completely while driving and it was towed away to another garage. This garage tested the car and told me the instrument panel was not faulty but the sensors in the Air Intake Manifold needed to be changed and the Catalytic Converter was partially blocked. On having this work done last week, I was told by the mechanic that he had never seen a Catalytic Converter in such a poor state. The inside is completely blocked by a hard concrete like substance. The Focus was put through it's first NCT (MOT) by the garage while having this work done and passed with flying colours. However, now the car is using Engine Oil at the rate of 1.5 litres every 100 km. It is not leaking and is not burning so can someone please give me any ideas as to what i should do next. I have just spent a lot of money having the recent work done and wondering if it possible that the air intake valve is faulty and sucking oil into the air intake? And also mystified as to how the car went through the NCT if it is having disappearing oil problems. Any help appreciated, because we have been to a few garages at this stage and don't know where to turn next. Thanks in advance Fiona
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Fiona111 :)