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  1. What new games you guys getting this year? I just picked up borderlands 2 :D Who will be getting the new resident evil 6?
  2. I have the MW3 edition Xbox and a PS3 but on hand I do prefer the PS3 although, you can't beat pc gaming :D
  3. Good way to keep the car keys from the gf... Put them in the spider tank :D

  4. I love is new look :D it's simple to use and looks better :D Please don't change back!!
  5. JennyUK

    Sat Nav

    Is a bit much yeah but I can spare it. Not really bothered about world maps, dont dirve on holiday, only generally use it for UK roads! I know I could have got it cheaper elsewhere but I'm impatient and I buy the first thing that comes up :P All in all we are happy with it. Does the job and looks sweet :)
  6. JennyUK

    Sat Nav

    We got it from Currys. This one I know it's expensive for a sat nav but we use it a lot I decided worth treating myself :) Haven't had a chance to use it yet, gfs had the car all week but I get my chance this weekend so I'm eager to try out the lane/street voice :)
  7. JennyUK

    Sat Nav

    I'll see about doing that. I don't want to drop it again :P
  8. JennyUK

    Sat Nav

    Thanks for all the advice guys :) I decided to go with the Tomtom 1005. It's perfect for what I need. Looks stylish too :)
  9. Bad time to start drinking coffee.

    1. Preee


      Anytime is a bad time to start drinking coffee :)

  10. JennyUK

    Sat Nav

    I don't mind paying for updates and usually I don't bother since they are never anything worth updating over. I never bothered to update my Garmin! I'll give that one a look. A big screen would be good since my gf had trouble seeing e old one. Cheers guys :)
  11. JennyUK

    Sat Nav

    I hear Tom toms are good. Any particular model better?
  12. JennyUK

    Sat Nav

    I dropped my sat nav today and broke it (oops). Anyone got any recommendations for a decent new one? My old one was a very outdated Garmin I hated!
  13. Women jokes stoney, I'm sure you can do better then that :P
  14. I actually thought this was about working closer to your wife/gf haha! I think any sort of injury in work is out down to accident these days! Even more so when people think they can claim compensation for it! People should toughen up. Getting impaled on a spike, yes! Cutting your finger on scissors, oh please. I've had a fair few accidents in work but I just deal with it and get on!
  15. JennyUK


    I loved the James Bond bit. And rowan atkinson looking that old was scary :(