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  1. Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project

    Thank you guys .... I will start with every thing in two weeks ... Doing every thing my self... Gives you that feeling when you finish it....
  2. Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project

    Well i have been looking hard, To find the right look for my car, I think I found it. " Fotoshop of a model car " So tell me if you agree or not. PLZ! Going with the Granada black Putting A Escort Rs2000 grill in. Changing the interior to the ghia X .... That is all for now ... IF you guy think its a go! then ill finsh this in about 2 mounths
  3. Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project

    Ok will do that . Tnx man
  4. Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project

    Thank you you bro that makes me positive for the road I need to walk .going to need people lIke you that knows what is going on .hoop I do a good job
  5. Manual Or Electric Radiator Fan

    I Have a essex engine and was wondering if an Electric radiator fan would be better then the standerd manual fan when I start Tuneing the engine
  6. Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project

    She was standing in a garge for almost 16 years so every thing needs cleaning ..the body has a lot of rust but lucky for me I found a body that has some doors that are in good condition that I can use.going to respry her but don't know what color yet .
  7. Ford Granada Mk2 3.0L Project

    This is what I,m starting with A 1982 Ford Granada MK2 3.0L Essex Is a 102KW auto Has been in a garage for 16 years only 100500km on the clock Going to respry it jast dont know what color and get some good mags,tune engine to about 200hp. so >>>PLZ<<< let me know what you guys think.
  8. Help Me Plz !

    Do you mabe know what would be better to send in my cam and heads to be cut to the fast road cam and stage 2 heads specs oor to >>> buy new ones <<<
  9. Hey Guys And Girls

    thank you ... one for all and all for one lol !
  10. Help Me Plz !

    TNX its jast hard to find idees for the mk2 for it is not werry popular
  11. zzz zzz that is what my car siad

  12. zzz zzz that is what my car siad

  13. Hey Guys And Girls

    Since im new at this plz forgive me for some mistakz well im from south africa and im a big ford fan jast started building a car "granada MK2" hoop one day it will be good to get in a mag like speed and sound hoop ill get alone with all you people
  14. Help Me Plz !

    You don't have eny idees on paint color oor body work .see I'm tryIng to bUild a car to get into speed and sound mag so yeh need all the help I can get .
  15. Help Me Plz !

    Tnx will look into it .see I live in south Africa so iets hard to find help Here.