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  1. rp1608

    Eu To Outlaw Car Modifications...

    Someone reversed into me, I contacted his insurance and negotiated a cash settlement, as it would have been cheaper than an insurance repair! Someone hit my dad's parked car, it was caught on CCTV, there was a witness, they had no insurance, it went to court and the judge said that the person looked poor and let him off. Think it was the same judge that said burglars are brave!
  2. rp1608

    Snow Foam

    Looks good, but you could never beat 3 hot bikini clad girls washing your car with lots of foamy car shampoo!
  3. rp1608

    Ford Fiesta Brakes Crunching/scraping

    I don't know if you have ABS, but it could be to do with ABS sensors? I read about a problem once where somebody got a grinding noise when using the brakes, as if they were worn, but it turned out it was the abs sensors out of place! Just a thought! You could put your foot on the brake pedal when you start it to see of you feel anything perhaps? Just a thought anyway.
  4. Took car through car wash, I can't see it now, I am sure I am looking in the same place!?! I will update if anything changes.
  5. rp1608

    Is This Normal??

    We know/assume that newer cars these days pretty much do not rust, and while this is in area prone to the elements, it really isn't good enough is it! I had a 1994 Vauxhall Carlton Diplomat and the whole of the bottom was solid, this is because, as I understand, they PROPERLY PAINTED the god damn car! Also there were no dents, because the metal was thicker! I had someone kicking the drivers door in once, no marks! I reversed into a Fiesta (Sorry!), it bent the bonnet, front grille and the metal behind the grill etc, and there was not even a scratch on my car, I couldn't believe it. I think that some companies just don't make cars as well as they should, and at the moment Ford seems to be one.
  6. The paint appears to be cracking on the top of the car, just above where the door shuts. It looks kind of like the same effect in the picture below: Any ideas?
  7. rp1608


    After some reading, I decided to buy Uniroyal Rainexperts 195/50/15, they seem to grip well, not tested them in the rain yet, but they are supposed to be very good. They are a bit softer tyre, but I don't do many miles, so it doesn't matter.
  8. rp1608

    Fiesta Mk6 Clutch And Dmf Question

    Went out in it today, I am sure it revved up then settled while I was accelerating a few times, it was something subtle. This is the first time I have had a clutch failure on a car!
  9. I have a 2003 TDCI with Zetec alloys, I bought mine with a buckle already in :-(
  10. My car has done 90k, I think the clutch is wearing out now, burning smell and slips in 2nd and 3rd gear. I am aware that it is generally good practice to change the DMF, but I spoke to the Ford service department and they said they have never changed one. (Honest or what!) So my question is, undoubtably clutches do wear out, but has anyone had a reason to get there DMF changed for a specific problem.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums rp1608 :)