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  1. Dose any one no the colours to the earths in the centrol locking at the gem 


  2. Mark 6 Bumper Swap?

    Let me know if manage to do this - i'd be really interested in doing this to my mk6 Fiesta too. When i look at the front of my car at the moment, it looks odd - because they don't really match!!
  3. Cant really help comparison wise - but i bought a 2003 Fiesta TDCI in February - i have put over 10,000 miles on it since then and it has been an absolute dream to run!! I bought it on 97,000 and now its near 108,000. I would say that if you can find a diesel fiesta from 52 - 04 plate and less than 100,000 miles then it should set you in good stead. From when i was looking, the prices seemed to stay over £2000 even if the mileage was well over 100,000. For a price between £2500-£2800 you should be able to find a decent second hand motor :-)
  4. Immobiliser Key Fob Troubles...

    You Sir, are a genius!! Many Thanks :) P.S - how on earth do you find something like that out?
  5. Immobiliser Key Fob Troubles...

    Yeah it still starts it which was a relief!! Nice one for that - i will try it and let you know what happens!!
  6. Hi all, Have been having a few issues with the key fob for my 2003 Fiesta. It initially worked fine when i bought it, but recently has been becoming more temperamental. Then about 3/4 weeks ago it died completely and i have been having to lock/unlock the car using the actual key I have got round to buying a new battery today and popped it straight in - it has had no effect whatsoever. Which is slightly worrying - can anyone suggest anything or will it be a straight to the Ford dealer for them to play with?? Any ideas anyone? Thanks, Sam
  7. Hi All!!

    Hello everyone! New to the forum today - I have a 2003 Ford Fiesta TDCI in the Silvery/Green colour. Been very happy with it and do a hefty commute so have put 10,000 miles on it since February! Looking on the forum for some tips on making it my own. Anyone with some good ideas feel free to advise! Cheers Sam
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums sw63 :)