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  1. Just Some News And A Quick Question

    just fit them now no problems went straight in. Look pretty cool too :-)
  2. Im liking the sound of that actually lol maybe next time when i get bored of the blue :-)
  3. Just Some News And A Quick Question

    Yeh no probs ive been wondering if they would fit for a while. They should do though ther cant be that much difference in the zetecs doors to the st doors... fingers crossed :-)
  4. Just Some News And A Quick Question

    I bought the same ones as you for my zetecs. Im gunna fit them to the st tonight. I knew they were around 20 quid just couldn't remember haha
  5. Just Some News And A Quick Question

    Hi mike, nice choice in car. I bought my wind deflectors off ebay for 20 quid so i rekon thats your best bet. As for engine mods not really too sure for the new 2013 zetec s models you may wanna shop around a bit ther will probs be some kind of induction kit out ther :-)
  6. Thanks pal yeh i wasn't too sure when i put them on either but they have grown on me. I like to be unique and just love messing about with different ideas :-)
  7. Thanks mate yeh i think so too really stands out. Bit different i spose :-)
  8. Just bought these badges for the fezza i think they work quite well
  9. Fiesta St Mountune Upgrade.

    This may sound stupid but ill ask anyway... can you take your car to any ford dealer to get a mountune upgrade and do they do it ther. Just out of curiosity lol
  10. New Car

    Haha snap! Nice colour in the sun isnt it
  11. New Car

    Thanks mate well i first went in to look at a new zetec s but this was in the showroom and i had to have it so only waited about a week. Was quite lucky really lol
  12. New Car

    Thanks mate. im not sure, i was driving down the road and i could just tell i had a flat. So i pulled over and ther was a big hole in the tyre it was a nightmare start but soon got it fixed and back out ther :-)
  13. New Car

    Hi all finally got my bew fiesta st2 in molten orange what an amazing car. Although i had it for two hours and got a flat tyre lol. Just don't know what colour dmb's to get now :-)
  14. White Mk7 Zs Dmb Colour?

    Haha angry clown yeh tell me about it. Thats why i took them off and went with the white backround with chrome writing lol
  15. White Mk7 Zs Dmb Colour?

    This is white with black writing when i first got the car