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  1. Servicing Opinions Please

    Well as long as its a good thing then I dont mind lol.
  2. Servicing Opinions Please

    Hi mate, I have no idea what they use, Is their shell oils good or bad??.
  3. Servicing Opinions Please

    Well dealer had my car last Friday and they went through it, However they checked everything and found nothing wrong, no error codes at all but they said theyd reset the cam sensor or somthing, what ever that means. But since I got it back ive not had any issues!!. I shall see how things go over the next couple of weeks. I will call the dealer up tomorrow and book it in for a value service along with the brake fluid and coolant change and MOT. Cheers all, Best wishes Andy.
  4. Servicing Opinions Please

    Thanks everyone, Byron you appear to be correct, I have booked the focus into john grose this Friday to find out what the jirking n hesitating issue is. Anyone know how good the ford warranty is ???, I just pray the whole issue can be identified and corrected all under warrenty. Then I'd be able to afford to get the fluids changed with the service and mot. Will keep you all posted. Have a good day everyone. Andy.
  5. Servicing Opinions Please

    Bless ya all, I'm planning to book car in for a value £99 service and mot. Other issue I have is the hesitation jirking feeling on gentle accelleration, A co worker has just bought a focus same as mine, same engine year etc but has done 50k and she let me take it on a drive yesturday to compare and her throttle feels looser and better than mine and accellerates a lot smoother than mine and with no issues. Could it be the pedal or the drive by wire throttle???, Defo not right, This puts me in a quandry as ive enough koney to get the coolant and brake fluid and pollon filter changed but not if this issue is going to cost me money to get diagnosed, Warrenty shoukd cover repair but not diagnosis, is this correct please???. Thanks for your support and advice everyone.
  6. Servicing Opinions Please

    Thanks eceryone, Your adbice is much appreciated. I will call dealership re cheaper servicing, If no luck then will use my little garage. Will find out cost of coolant and brake fluid change etc. Will keep jn touch. Cheers again everyone.
  7. Servicing Opinions Please

    Hi all, I have a 2009 1.6 petrol, titanium spec, Ive had the car nearly a year and it is still under its 1 year warranty and its just ticked 18100 miles only and is due for an Mot and service. The selling dealer said theyd done a big service when I got it though it doesnt state that in the history book-just states its had a service. My 2 questions are. Do I have a small or big service???. Also and more importantly do I use main dealer or my usual small garage?? At small garage I could get a big service for price of small servuce at dealer and my garage wouldnt charge for loan car either but would it effect value of my car by using only small garage???. One more issue is on gentle accelleration I still get this slight missing sort of sensation like very gentle jerking or hesitation, My father in law thinks its the drive by wire throttle???, Different fuels make no deifference though, advice appreciated as I dont want to have to pay out for car to go on their computer.. Advice would be very much appreciated.
  8. Hesitation/missing.

    Can anyone help??? This could be affected my mpg??? Andy.
  9. Mpg - Your Experiences

    I am paying £1.39.9 per litre and have to add that we do tend to be slightly heavy footed at times and yes most of our driving is around town.
  10. Mpg - Your Experiences

    Hi 100hp titanium 1.6 petrol, 2009, now on 13000 mls, i get between 31.8 and 32.8 mpg so the dash tells me, my own limited brain power says my car is doing 95miles from twenty quid, is this good??, its better than my old zafira. Dont notice any difference between supermarket and shell/bp. All our driving is 60/40 town and dual carrageway. Wr love our car though.
  11. Hesitation/missing.

    Not sure but happens during gentle first second and third accelleration, Hard acceleration is always fine, Cheers Andy.
  12. Hesitation/missing.

    Hi all, had my focus 1.6 petrol 2009 titanium for about a month now and wife and i have noticed very slight like hesitation or missing feeling when accellerating. Not always and i think its got slighly better when i stopped using supermarket petrol, i usually use shell and feel its better though maybe i am imagining it lol. However its still sometimes there but we bought it a long way from home but do have a one year warranty. Any ideas would be very greatfully recieved. We totally love the car and bicker over whos gonna use it to take to work, which we never did with our old zafira lol. Regards andy.
  13. Buying A Focus, Advise Please

    Hi bud, ive just bought a 1.6 petrol titanium 2009 and wife n i love it. I wanted bluetooth but even 09 plate doesnt have it standard. Fantastic cars especially in vision blue lol. Be picky as theres plenty out there. Good luck n let us know how u get on . Andy
  14. Newbie (Hi All ) Needs Focus Advice Pls

    Forgot to ask again, Does anyone know about this Gap insurance on Autotrader, really could use peoples advice and views please please. Andy
  15. Newbie (Hi All ) Needs Focus Advice Pls

    JG321, You know if I'm honest that main reason I didnt try a tdci is the DPF and DMF issues=They scared me. Also I know diesel power has come on in leaps and bounds but imho One cant beat the smooth quietness of petrol engine. lol you may think I'm talking rubbish and I wouldnt knock any tdci owners out there but just just my uneducated view lol. Andy, I did love the Panther black best until I saw a polished up Vision Blue Focus and I fell in love lol, thankfully the wife agrees (strangly enough lol). The dealership still has another the same and said they would take £8700 for it if your sister can find another £200. Will let you know how I get on, was just wondering tonight, do buyers of pre-owned still get bunches of flowers??, wife would love that lol, I'm gonna hold out for a keyring lol. You got Bluetooth eh?, jammie, I couldnt find one with that option though at least I got my 17" alloys and cruise control. btw I'll be a member of your Vision Blue club, do we get seats at the bar or do we have to gather in the corner of a room lol.