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  1. Mk2.5 Gear Stick Gaiter Clips

    it's a bit of a haul to get down there... plus not sure I could handle the heat! Here's a couple quick shots so you can see exactly what I mean:
  2. Mk2.5 Gear Stick Gaiter Clips

    yup, mine is exactly like that, in perfect condition, it's the inner part that is stapled to the gaiter that is broken. I spent a couple hours yesterday pulling apart my old stock gaiter and hot glued the broken pieces back together, then put my new leather gaiter over it, and mounted it into that surround piece, I drilled 2 small holes on each side from inside to out and put some small computer screws inside to hold the ring in place. it looks great and is very solid now, I don't think it will pop out when changing from 1st to reverse when I'm parking now!
  3. Mk2.5 Gear Stick Gaiter Clips

    I'm only really after the plastic bit that's attached to the gaiter, that clips into the surround... my surround is in great shape, the plastic bit not so much... I ordered new leather gaiter and guess I'll have to glue it to the surround... seems to be a common thing that breaks, no wonder they're so expensive!
  4. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    update: soaking one end in hot water and a bit of lubricant and I managed to fit the new pipe... it still seems a bit short to me compared to the stock one I pulled off, but it's now completely in place and a trip around town noticed quite a difference!
  5. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    I also ordered a silicone pipe for my 1.6, it seems a bit short and I wish I had looked at the 1.8 links before I ordered, as it seems a bit shorter than the stock one, and the stock pipe is wider on one end and I can't seem to get the replacement over the lip n matter how I bend and twist... arg...
  6. Gear And Handbrake Gaiter Change

    loads of good deals on ebay... price depends on what you exactly you want and model... I just ordered black leather & stitching shifter/handbrake for about 9GBP...
  7. Broken Garage Door??

    good point as well... now I just need to track one down and attack it with my dremel :D
  8. Broken Garage Door??

    ahhh excellent, so I guess I'm after a 2.5 tray... I suppose it wouldn't hurt to move the socket somewhere else for my phone/gps...
  9. Broken Garage Door??

    Saw another here: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/FORD-FOCUS-ASH-TRAY-2004-2008-/280933591395?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4168f26963 is that what it's like inside? I sort of only want a door to cover the cubby hole where the lighter socket is... seems like this fills the cubby up with a lot of useless plastic and leaving only a small storage space (I don't actually want/need an ashtray...)
  10. Broken Garage Door??

    so want one of those...
  11. Gear And Handbrake Gaiter Change

    Been pondering doing this myself, as the plastic support inside my gear shift gaiter (not the surround) is cracked and broken in several places... superglue is holding for now, but I suspect it will go wrong again in no time. Of course I'd probably get blue stitching to match the Metallic Ocean Blue of the car...
  12. Candy Red With Panther Black Spoiler

    That is absolutely gorgeous...
  13. Help - Strange Vent Noise!

    I've just noticed this noise on my 1.6... guess I need to look at this as well
  14. Some Focus Mk2 Questions...

    I'm in Pamplona in the north. I've pulled the gaiter now and superglue does not seem to want to bond the plastic very well... mine is split in various places (mostly where the stock staples are), and rumours on Spanish forums are that it's about 30euros for a replacement through Ford dealers, most people are suggesting scrap yards for a replacement. The two main splits in mine (clear through) are the front left corner and the front middle, so I've stapled as well as glued the centre split... it seems to hold fine with regular stationary staples... the actual clips on that corner are broken off where the stock staples split the plastic... For the price I'd consider outright replacing the whole gaiter and surround if I could find a set that will look alright in my mk2
  15. Some Focus Mk2 Questions...

    Ikea assembly was easy... and nothing missing... adjusting the shelves in the unit to get the maximum out of them was interesting and time consuming... the past day or so has been spent reorganizing all the stuff we pulled from the shelving unit we replaced, and rehoming stuff from other shelves to the new unit (bookcase) haven't even seen the car in a few days DVLA will unlikely have info about my car, as it is Spanish. I tried some other official ford fleet decoder but it told me my vin wasn't correct format or something like that... at least with Etis they gave the most info which seems correct for the most part. Parts seem to be generalized or wrong as you state, like "Vehicle Line: Focus 04-08/Focus C-MAX 03-07" or "Body Style: 5 Door Saloon" (where mine is a 5 Door Hatchback if you decypher the VIN code using the charts here http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Vehicle_Identification_Numbers_%28VIN_codes%29/Ford/VIN_Codes#European_Ford ) Hopefully today I finally get a chance to putter around with the car (and it needs a wash too!)