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  1. Alloygators look them up on youtube
  2. only trouble with black is if you scuff / kerb them you will see silver scuffs which stand out like a sore thumb go silver any scuffs are less visible
  3. my friend had 2 stolen the same way the second after she got her new replacement only 5 days after getting it
  4. alloygators all the way had rimblades and they are crap in comparision IMHO
  5. I have this model and its all good ,i have purchased a proper snow foam lance for mine as the one supplied aint much cop to be honest
  6. things that would put me off using that company would be there website and the facebook page no updates for a year ? must be better out there
  7. i got an dash cam app on my i phone works amazingly well i have a phone charger and screen mount anyway so all good
  8. had my night breakers + for 2 years with no problems
  9. IMHO you dont need to take off discs and calipers as long as you take your time just a good clean and make sure they are bone dry before painting(used a hairdryer) dont tell the mrs mask up areas you dont want paint on i did a wheel at a time and got a good result
  10. 18" wheels , change all your front bulbs , fit DRL's
  11. you sure there for your car they look the wrong shape
  12. if your sitting there on idle i would say this is normal the power has to come from somewhere