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  1. Remove Cd Player

    Above link is to my website - and thanks :) Yes you can fit a sub to the standard stereo, after reading this post, I put another post on my website about this: http://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/how-to-fit-a-sub-to-a-standard-stereo I have just made a video on how to remove the stereo here: To wire the "High Level Input to Low Level Output" into your car, you will have to tap into the rear speark lines - these are the top two and bottom two most wires (coloured green&green/black and purple&purple/black) that come out of the ISO block: Hope that helps
  2. Roof Rack Recess, No Holes To Screw Into

    This is to stop water leaks... make sure you plug the hole when you remove the roof rack, else you'll end up with a wet head lining
  3. Hi Guys, Right, puzzled over this one, as ive tried pretty much everything. All the fuses are ok as are the relays.... When I press the AC button, the light comes on, but no cold air.... Checked the AC had gas in at work, and it's full, so no issues there. Now is there a safety cut off switch for this at all, as I dont think it worked after I hit a pheasant 2 years ago (no leaks in the AC rad either before anyone says that) Ive also checked the mag clutch does not engage on the AC motor... this is why I thought it may have been a fuese/relay but ive checked them all and they are working correctly (under the dash and under the bonnet) Anyone else got any ideas? - I also have ticking noise coming from the belt when the car is cold (front drivers side bottom (where the ac pump is)) Cheers James
  4. Mk2 Focus Ac Problem

    Hi Guys, Trying to get my AC working again, after one day it just stopped working.... (might have even been after the alternator got changed) Gas levels are fine, relays are fine and the fuses are all fine too.... When I press the AC button, it lights up, but the actually compressor does not magnetise and spin :( Anyone else had this problem on their Focus, can I hell find anything that seems to be loose.
  5. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the back side of the unit.... I did a satnav mondeo the other month, but cannot remember off the top of my head any additional screws (I do 50+ cars a month)... I might have another one in over the next few days, I'll get a picture for you if I do.
  6. Hi there UKHeman, Thats my website :) Anyway, if you have removed all the screws stated on my guide, the rest of the fasica is held in with pop clips, if you run your trim tool around the fascia it should pop off, as there are no more screws holding it in... then once the fascia is off, you'll see 4 screws holding your sat-nav unit in place. Just to confirm, you have taken off the two bolts screws just above the cubby hole?
  7. Alreet There

    Hi There, im James from Durham, and drive a focus st lookalike: Give me a flash if you see me out and about Cheers Jamz DrivingRoads.co.uk
  8. DrivingRoads

    DrivingRoads & the DrivingRoads Forum provide driving enthusiasts with a wide range of information about great driving roads here in the UK. The DrivingRoads website provides users with downloadable itinerary plans for your TomTom or Garmin satellite navigation. These “routes” will take you along what we consider the best driving roads. DrivingRoads is a fairly new site on the interweb, and we are always increasing our range of routes and points of interest. DrivingRoads doesn’t just end there. With out newly created forum, you can join other driving enthusiasts and talk about the best driving roads in your area, road news, show off your car, or just general chit chat. I have even created a discount section for forum users where they can currently get discount on car bulbs, and car audio equipment. These are updated regularly so keep checking back. So come join us at the DrivingRoads Forum. Ps. As its Christmass, I have created a special discount code for this club, to receive a whopping 30% discount on routes at DrivingRoads, just enter “XmasOffer08” upon checkout. Main Website: http://www.drivingroads.co.uk Club Forum: http://www.drivingroads.co.uk/forum/ Many Thanks James