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  1. Ford Focus Dpf Error Codes And Electronic Issues

    Just get the thing removed you will save hundreds of pounds on repairs and fuel, and if done by removing the insides no one will ever know anyway.
  2. Dpf Removal And Ecu Remap Problem

    Im an Electronic Engineer so tend to have them kicking about. Generally get stuff like that from RS but Maplin will porbably have them too Cheers
  3. Ford Focus Dpf Error Codes And Electronic Issues

    As long as the car was built before 2008 removal is no issue.
  4. Dpf Removal And Ecu Remap Problem

    As far as Im aware on a 2.0 Litre it can't be fully removed and sensors still need to be left attached. I know alot of remappers I contacted couldn't do this model nad the ones that could stated the sensors had to be left attached. The potentiometer does seem to have done the job to be onist I should have done it in the first place and not bothered getting it remapped
  5. Ford Focus Dpf Error Codes And Electronic Issues

    Get the inside of the DPF removed so its just an empty tube. You can either cut it open and removed the insides then weld it back up or drill a hole from the the top to the bottom and carefully pull the rest out with a screwdriver or other long tool. The DPF has a pipe at each end of it that feeds back to a pressure sensor which is normally srewed to the side of the battery holder. This compares the pressure on eitherside of the unit and will detect if it is starting to block or if there is a hole in it, by varying the voltage on the sensor. If the sensor detects a blockage, it will flag an error and try and regenerate. During this process fuel additive (synthetic pig wee wee) causes the exhaust gas to become super heated and burn the carbon build up in the unit. A temperature sensor at the inlet to the DPF monitors this and detects if the regeneration is working. The carbon in the filter is comverted to CO2 and passes out of the unit (new DPF units are being designed with a further stage that deals with the CO2 (yet more restriction on the exhaust flow) Once you have the DPF insides removed you need to remap the ECU to remove the DPF from the system. This remap and DPF removal is said to give a 30 BHP increase and from personel experience I think it does it also increases the MPG by about 10-15 on a long run. Sometimes when you have had issues with your DPF the pressure sensor can become damaged (like mine did) And even with a remap you will still receive errors. You could replace the sensor but this would be a waist of money as its not actually been used anymore all its doing is passing a signal of 0.34 Volts to the ECU so the best option is to just put a potentiometer in its place and adjust it so it provides 0.34 Volts you can pick these up for under £2 So basically the DPF has 2 sensors: Pressure sensor to detect issues with the DPF Temp sensor to monitor regeneration Hope this helps Rich
  6. Dpf Removal And Ecu Remap Problem

    Well a week on with the potentiometer fitted and no more limp mode or ECU fault codes, bye bye DPF :D
  7. Dpf Removal And Ecu Remap Problem

    Potentiometer was £1.20, 20p out but will give it a try
  8. Dpf Removal And Ecu Remap Problem

    Update also receiving a P2454 error now! Think i may have to ditch the sensor and attach a potentiometer to it instead, that should only set me back about £1 instead of the cost of a replacement sensor.
  9. I have a Focus 2.0 Desiel and after on and off problems with the DPF decided to get it removed. The DPF was taken out and the inside mesh removed. It was then reattached to the car with the sensors re-connected. I then had my car Re-mapped to delete the DPF but am now recieving: P2002 errors Diesel Particulate Filter Efficency Below Threshold Bank 1 This puts the car back into limp mode. The pressure tubes from the DPF both connect to a sensor located on the side of the battery box, which has 3 wires connecting it to the ECU Connecting a multimeter to these I found the following. Yellow & Purple 5 Volts Brown & White (Ground) 0 Volts White & Purple 0.32 Volts when running Looking at this, White & Purple must be diagnosis voltage and the other 2 wires just the power feed. If I Rev the car to about 3000rpm the White/Purple voltage increases to 0.34 Volts so I guessing the sensor is working fine I then tried disconnecting the sensor which gave me the following codes P2452 and P2455 Pressure Sensor Circuit High also the White/Purple voltage increased to 4.6 Volts My question is if i have had the inside of my DPF removed and the car remapped to delete DPF should I be still receiving these errors ? Shouldnt it just ignore information comming from the sensor Thanks Rich
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums RichYork :)