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  1. ironmanles

    Rear Tyre Tread Wearing On The Inside

    Ha thanks guys for all the comments...I think I really need to go a garage and ask them if they do tracking for the rear tyres. I have nothing in my boot( No big bass boxes yet lol)..I have only just bought the car..If it is possible to alter the camber I think I will have sorted the problem because I really dont think it's down to tyre pressures like Foci_st3 said :-).
  2. ironmanles

    Rear Tyre Tread Wearing On The Inside

    Is it possible to track the rear tyres up?
  3. I have a 2002 Ford Focus ST170..... Can anyone give me any ideas as to why my types are wearing just on the inside on both tyres. Many Thanks
  4. ironmanles


    Hi...I'm new to owners club. Can you point me in the right direction to become a member and get some ford owners stickers. I have a ST170 and think they would suit it very well :-)
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums ironmanles :)