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  1. New Tyres For A Fiesta Metal?

    Ok. Does it not matter having Continentals on the front, Bridgestones on the rear then?
  2. New Tyres For A Fiesta Metal?

    So the general consensus is that the factory fitted tyres aren't necessarily the best? Should I go for the Continental Contact Sport 5 then or wait for the Potenza RE050A to arrive in stock? I can wait but if the Continentals really are better then I might as well go with them. It's such a sweet handling car that I don't want to risk making any changes that could affect the handling. Can get these for £114.12 each fitted at my local Protyre: https://www.protyre.co.uk/buy/Continental-SportContact-5-car-tyres-205-40-17-84V-2054017VCOSPT5XL?search=%2fm%2ftyres%2fcarsearch%2fMW61HHE
  3. New Tyres For A Fiesta Metal?

    Do you mean the Potenza RE050A or Tunanza?
  4. New Tyres For A Fiesta Metal?

    Hello, The time has come to replace my front tyres on my Fiesta Metal. I've had the original on since new and the car has done 19,000 miles of spirited driving so not bad... I currently have stock Bridgestone Potenzas (205/40/R17) all around. Can't complain about handing and they have lasted a long time. I also like the kerb saver rim around them. What do people recommend replacing them with? I've noticed that that Ford are putting the Potenza RE050A on the new Fiesta ST so I would like to go with these since they are the same size as my existing tyres. Problem is they seem very hard to come by. I've spoken to Protyre and there is a long waiting list for them. Maybe everyone who brought the ST when it first came out is now needing new front tyres... So should I wait or is there a better option? Scott
  5. Max Cruising Rpm For A Metal?

    I usually cruise at 70 or even 60 because this car has crap fuel economy on the motorway (the engine speed is 3300rpm at 70!) but on the odd occasion when I need to put my foot down, I'm always paranoid that I'm putting too much strain on the engine, having the engine speed so high for extended periods. I'm guessing this isn't an issue in the ST because it has a 6th gear...
  6. Max Cruising Rpm For A Metal?

    Thanks. Just me being paranoid then!
  7. Max Cruising Rpm For A Metal?

    Hello, I'm a Fiesta Metal owner. I've been the owner of this car for around 18 months now and love it. One thing that is very noticeable is the short ratio gearbox, and without a 6th gear the engine does have to work hard to cruise above 80/90mph on the motorway. At 100mph the engine speed is around 5000rpm (1000 below the red line). So, while the punchy little 1.6 engine and close ratio gearing makes this car good fun for driving around town and along country lanes, this car was never intended to be a good motorway cruiser. My question is, legality and fuel economy issues aside, will keeping the revs at 5,000rpm in 5th gear for extended periods of time damage the engine in any way? The car gets a regular service at Ford, so always has good oil inside, and I always make sure the engine is warmed up before I explore the upper reaches of the rev range (which is only occasionally). Scott
  8. Mountune Upgrade Help !

    The Metal is a brilliant little car. The suspension has been subtlety tweaked and body control through the corners feels better as a result. Sure, those 205/40/R17 tyres make you feel all the uneven bits in the road, but the ride never feels uncomfortable. It corners so flat and never feels out of control even when you throw it into the tightest of corners. It's a very pure driving experience, with no electronic aids apart from the standard ESP, and the naturally aspirated engine loves to be revved – it doesn't hit peak power until 6,700rpm, at which point a green light will come on indicating when you should change up. The exhaust sounds sweet, too, without sounding ostentatious, and even has that popping sound when you lift off. It can also be a surprisingly smooth and economical car when you want it to be – like when you're taking your mum to the shops on a Saturday afternoon! It will also happily and sit at 70mph on the motorway, at which speed the engine will be doing 3,300rpm – just at the point where the engine is ready to pick up and go should you want to overtake something or climb a hill. That fifth gear has a huge range, though: I've momentarily had it up to 115 before, and I have no doubt it will go on to 125 and possibly over. With no turbo, at these speeds the engine feels muscular and responsive. At the other end of the scale, it has a longer first gear than the ZS – great for, well, you've guessed it! I've sat in the new ST and I actually prefer the interior to the Metal. The Metal had piano black everywhere, including the wheel, around the air vents and the door pulls; with the Sony head unit too it really is a nice place to be. The grey plastics in the ST that have been substituted for the piano black look a bit cheap by comparison. Don't get me wrong, the new ST is a thrill to drive with performance in another league altogether, but I personally couldn't justify spending upwards of £8k + interest upgrading to one when the car I've got is so good. I also reckon I'd loose my driving licence within 6 months of owning an ST! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  9. Mountune Upgrade Help !

    Sorry, but having owned both a Zetec S and a Metal I would completely disagree. The Metal also has the overhauled exhaust with twin exhaust pipes, low loss air intake and engine remap, but it also features a 300 rpm increase in engine speed, a closer ratio gearbox, a lower ride height and stiffer suspension. There are numerous cosmetic changes too, such as leather wrapped gearstick and handbrake, and a piano black interior (which, unlike the ST, matches the Sony DAB head unit and includes the door pull handles). Also, the heated leather seats are full leather and not partial, like on the ST, and there are also stainless steel door sill scuff plates. You also get black 17" alloys, which I think look great on the white model and really makes the car stand out after a wash. So it's far from just a Zetec S with a Mountune kit added on. If you've got a ZS and have £1400 spare on a car related purchase, I'd say sell it and get a Metal. They're cracking little cars and are relatively cheap to run and insure, and considering you can pick one up for around £10k that's a lot of car for the money. Just make sure you get one with the upgraded Sony DAB sound system and push button start. It's worth keeping in mind that the next step up in performance (the MR155 pack aside) – the ST – will currently set you back about £7000 more! That's a lot of money for a car that will depreciate as quickly as a Fiesta. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. Mountune Upgrade Help !

    I'd agree £600 is worth it for the ST upgrade, as you can't go faster in a Fiesta without voiding the warranty, but I don't think the MP140 on the ZS is worth it. For £1400 it would be better to sell the car and put the money towards a Metal – similar power upgrade but an all round better car. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Mountune Upgrade Help !

    Richard Hammond seems to think it's worth it... http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/motoring/car-reviews/richard-hammond-new-ford-fiesta-2540102 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  12. Fiesta St Tyres?

    Would you recommend I buy these for the front of my Metal even though I still have Bridgestones on the rear? Do you know if the Continentals have the kerbing protective edge on them? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. "limited Edition" Corsa (Too Funny!)

    I've driven the 1.2 Corsa. Feels like a tin can to drive compared to my Fiesta Metal and way slower with less equipment. Not worth the £15k price tag. They offer 1 year's free insurance, 0% interest and lifetime warranty to entice young drivers but surely it would still make more sense to take out a low interest bank loan and buy a 1 year old Fiesta Zetec S or Metal for around £11k? Much more of a car. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  14. Fiesta St Tyres?

    I need new rubber on my front wheels. Can anyone tell me what tyres are fitted as standard to the new ST and will they fit on my Metal? I currently have Bridgestone Potenza 205/40/R17 - are they the same? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Tires For Fiesta Metal

    Google it. that doesn't include fitting though Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC