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  1. Sat Nav/radio Fault

    Just wondering how you got on. I have a Travelpilot NX (DVD Nav touchscreen) on my S-Max 2008, with 2009 nav disc, but it keeps reloading when using the Nav. I've registered on the German S-Max Club, but I'm unable to find the link to download the software update. Also, did you have any luck getting hold of the later DVD nav disk. I spoke to my local ford dealer, they want £85 to update the software, and have said that you may need to buy the latest map, which is a further £175. Any help would be greatfully appreciated.
  2. I'm A Ford Master Tech

    I have a Ford S-Max 2008 Titanium, and intermittently when I turn on the car with the lights on/auto, I get headlight malfunction. If I turn off the car, then back on, no error, and the headlights move as they should. Someone has suggested that this is a "lazy" motor. Is it possible to oil/service this motor? Also, I have issues with seat belt buckle rattling. It seems to be the button. Again, is it possible to open the buckle, and put on some grease to stop the rattle. Thanks in advance...
  3. Thanks for the feedback..I've found that splitting the seat belt buckles (pushing one of them between the seats), doesnt stop the problem either, the one left up still rattles, it seems to be the button, is it possible to open up the belt buckles and put some grease in it. In regards the headlight malfunction, it is possible to strip the headlight down and oil it! Is it possible to make a back of the Nav disks? Thanks again
  4. I'm the proud owner of an 2008 S-Max Titanium, with the 18" alloys & body kit. I'm really pleased with the car, but have 2 issues, and 1 want... 1. Seat belt rattle when no belt clipped in, any known fix (otherthan buying new!) 2. When I start the car with lights on(auto or turned on), I intermittently get Headlight malfunction, but if I turn off the car, then back on, I do not get the error. 3. Can I source the DVD Nav disc for 2011/2012 from anywhere else but Ford, due to the price they are charging (download ideally) Thanks in advance for any assistance....
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums MostinUK :)