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  1. If it doesn't bother u then it might be worth postponing it for a while, but if it is mis firing then u are gonna notice a reduction in fuel economy and performance. I'm certainly no mechanic, but I forked out 20 quid for a haynes manual and now confident to do some amateur repairs and servicing myself, such as coil packs, fuel, air and oil filter changes. And I've no idea, but it could maybe cause further problems down the line with cat converters etc, if the engines mis firing, then not all the fuel is being burned!
  2. The mechanics found the appropriate error code when they plugged her in, which showed up that the 1st cylinder was misfiring and then tested the ht leads which were fine, so the problem was traced bk to the coil pack. My car was basically mis firing from cold and warm, basically all the time! When idle, the revs were up and down all over the place, exhaust sounded dodgy, car was shaking and basically sounded like a diesel......yuk! So although it doesn't seem like the exact problem that ur having, I think that replacing the coil pack (preferably with someone else's) to find out if that's what's causing u problems is a quick, easy and cheap way to find the cause by process of elimination, without going to a garage and then being told there is nothing wrong when they plug it into an obd reader, and then charge u 30 quid for the pleasure! Does seem strange that no error codes are coming up tho. Have u noticed any lack of power since this happened?
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=Fiesta+coil+pack&_sacat=0
  4. I had this problem with my fiesta last week mate, I changed spark plugs too and that didn't work. Eventually took it to a garage and it was the coil pack. This is a very common problem on these cars apparently, my garage quoted my £60 +Vat for part and fitting with 12 month warranty. However, it might be worth getting one off eBay for around £20 - £30 and fit it for yourself if your a "give it a go" kinda guy like me?! Or if u know anyone with similar car, u could try using their coil pack to see if it is the problem part before forking out money, or ring your local scrappy/breakers yard?
  5. Iphone Holders?

    I got myself an itrip fm transmitter which plugs into ur ciggy lighter with a bendy arm which lets u position it pretty much wherever u want. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Griffin-RoadTrip-iTrip-iPhone-3G-3GS-FM-TRANSMITTER-/380456611635?pt=UK_MP3_Player_Accessories_FM_Transmitters&hash=item5894fb2f33
  6. Need A Little Help

    You can try using a needle or pin to move the direction of the washer jet? Inside there is a ball with the hole where the water comes out. The ball should be free to move in any direction (as long as the hole is visible) just put a pin or needle into the hole and move the jet to your desired direction. Or if ur after new jets (as am I) check these out http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRIGHT-WHITE-LED-CHROME-SCREEN-WASHER-JETS-TWIN-WASHERS-AJUSTABLE-POWER-JET-/320758802848?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aaeb6e9a0 I know they got led's in them but u don't have to use them (I'm not) Hope this helps PS turn ur washer jets to face directly outwards and soak unwary pedestrians....very fun! :-)
  7. Yeah, first ones are my fave, 2nd ones remind me of Ford GT, may look silly on my fez lol
  8. Hey guys, thinking of getting some stripes for the side of my fez, not OTT ones but ones down the side just above the side skirts Thinking either these http://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/279/fiesta-mk6-side-stripes-ford-oval-front Or these http://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/278/fiesta-mk6-side-stripes-ford-front in silver. What's the general opinion? And has anyone else got graphics/decals from dmb (fitted by them as well). Any pics would be great guys, thanks!
  9. Mods With Out Looking Chavvie

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat mate, wanna mod my fiesta with some minor, subtle mods to improve the look and distinguish it from bog standard without looking chavvy! I bought some ford badge overlays from http://www.dmb.uk.com/ got some nice blue on white badges which look kinda cool, but subtle. Got a beesting aerial, ford oem chrome dust caps and that's it so far! DMB are a really good website for Ford stuff, take a look! Thinking of getting this http://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/279/fiesta-mk6-side-stripes-ford-oval-front or this http://www.dmb.uk.com/prod/279/fiesta-mk6-side-stripes-ford-oval-front in silver. What does everyone think?
  10. Front Ford Badge Removal

    Lucky git! Lol Il have to get the missus's bright pink hair dryer out lol. Let me know how it goes, good luck!
  11. Front Ford Badge Removal

    Ahhh I see, yeah the gel overlays don't cover the whole badge, there is still the outer chrome bit visible! Try the fishing line thing, maybe use a hair dryer and/or hot water to losen the glue. Or wait til summer finally arrives and that should help. Haven't done this myself but am in the process of trying to take off the side bumper strip things on my fiesta and it's the same process.
  12. Front Ford Badge Removal

    Either use fishing wire, preferably hot (put in hot water first) and slowly wedge it underneath the badge and work it bk and forth to separate the badge from the glue. Then use spirits or petrol to remove excess gunk left behind. Alternatively go to http://www.dmb.uk.com/ and buy some gel overlays. Lots of different colours to choose from, that's what I did (check out my pics) its only a tenner for pair (front and back) and they look pretty cool I think! Hope this helps!
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking to remove the horrible black plastic strips off the side of my 2004 fez. Not just cos it will hopefully look better, but because it's a 5dr, the strip from the rear doors catches the rim of the front door when opening, causing a horrible scraping sound and causing the plastic the bend and come off the body where it catches the front door (hope that makes sense) Anyone else get this problem? I've looked at how to remove these bumper strps on various other forums, spirits, fishing wire, hair dryer etc. but I'm not sure what il find underneath.....holes or just gluey crap? And will there be contours underneath or will i be left with nice smooth bodywork underneath?Can anyone enlighten me? It's a 2004 fez flame, metallic Aquarius blue (if this helps?!) Thanks in advance! 😄
  14. Fiesta Fog Lights

    I was wondering the same thing mate, have u any idea yet as I'm keen to do this myself.
  15. Ha! Done it! Chuffed to bits! lol :)