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  1. hmmm, i wouldnt say no problem but it does tend to start a little bit easier Ok, so i drove it just now and it cut out on me twice D: I checked the water and its very low. Also my best mate had his girlfriend have a go at him for leaking oil on her drive way (i think it was me). Something is not right :( I heard it could be an injector problem? Ive had not limp light come on or anything, very strange. Drove it again last night and realised it only cuts out when im coasting in neutral :S
  2. They are fine, there is plenty of power trying to start it and it does splutter as if its about to start, just takes a while :/
  3. Hi Guys, I am in need of a little bit of help. I recently bought myself a little 2007 1.4 diesel fiesta. I bought it cheap for £2600 and it had a few small problems which I expected for the price. Anyway, the problem I'm finding with it is that it takes a long time to start and can be a little difficult sometimes. I thought a full service would do it good (changed fuel filter, oil filter, new oil, air filter). It didn't have any affect so I thought changing the heater plugs would be another obvious idea. Didn't really help. When I had the car there was no water at all in the expansion tank/header tank/water tank (whatever you want to call it) and it has got oily soot on the inside which I thought might have been a head gasket failure (owning a Rover with a K-series Engine taught me about those haha!). So I got my local mechanic to give it the check over and he doesn't know what the problem could be as he ruled out the head gasket problem because there weren't REALLY obvious signs. As soon as the engine is started it runs like a dream and goes really well. On the odd occasion I do get a bit of smoke when it finally does turn over but that's it. Any help would be really good, and any questions are very welcome :) Thanks in advance, Ieuan
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums IeuanF1 :)