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  1. Error Codes P0500,p1934 & U0073 ........

    Thanks for the info will get right on it..let you know what happens as i check wiring and sensors..
  2. Hi still trying to sort the Focus speed sensor problem on my wifes 2005 Focus MK2 1.6TDCI ...its looking like its a trip to the dealers to get it sorted :( ...the codes its throwing up are P0500,P1934 & U0073 the first is speed sensor which i am trying to locate on the gearbox or not as it happens...but the other two i cant find a reference too in the code book anyone know what they are?...
  3. Evening All.......

    Hi people new to the Ford forums but i have had several Fords over the years..at the moment have got a 2005 ST and just purchased another Focus for the wife a 2005 1.6TDCI, and my other toy's are a 2001 SUBARU P1, 2007 Kawasaki ZX10, 2004 Aprilia RSVR1000....Cheers Stu
  4. Vss Sensor Location 1.6Tdci

    Thanks Graham for the info...i am leaning toward your suggestion as to how speed is calculated on my MK2 1.6TDCI as i had another go at finding the speed sensor, took front wheels off, air box out , and still no sensor. Checked both front ABS sensors while the wheels were off and no damage visable on sensors or wires, will check the rears tomorrow...filing that looks like a trip to the Ford dealer to be robbed...and never had ABS warning light on...the codes i got from the reader were P0500,P1934 & U0073 i cant find any info on last two will post the question and see if anyone has info on them..Thanks again
  5. Vss Sensor Location 1.6Tdci

    Thanks Lenny
  6. Vss Sensor Location 1.6Tdci

    Hi to all i am a newbie here although not to Fords and sorry to come straight in with a problem :(..........I purchased another Focus for the wife to go with my ST....Its a 2005 1.6TDCI i have heard all the horror story's of blown turbo's etc..but it is a great car for the wife and she likes it...the problem i have is that when it reaches over 3500rpm in 3rd ,4th or 5th gear it comes on with the red warning light displaying a cog with the exclamation mark in it and drops revs to 3000rpm turn it of and back on and it clears ok ........The error code is PO500 (speed sensor)...i have another speed sensor the Ford prt number supplied by Ford is 1136248 or known also as prt number 97BB9E731-AE which according to Ford is for this car which has the MTX-75 gearbox as its diesel...all ok so far ...so with prt in hand and car up on ramps i looked everywhere on the box and even got a local mechanic to check also... who reckoned it was above the driveshaft like on the mondeos but above the driveshaft is what looks like a Black plastic box which i think may be a breather box or filter not sure but its held on with a bolt then pushes onto a plastic ball...so between us we are puzzled as we could not find it ??..... it must have one or how can speedo work ...but please can somebody point me in the right direction or better still a picture of it if possible a Haynes manual tells you diddly...so if anyone has the knowedge it will be very much appreciated......
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums stuggyzx10 :)