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  1. Hey guys Just had a look under the car and The splash guard (think thats what it is called) under the engine has come loose and its scratching everytime i go over a speed bump, i can phsyically move it up and down. How are these held on is it just with clips? a link to some clips which would help would be very much appreciated. Regards wayne
  2. Bulb Shopping Recomendations

    Hey allan Ive used http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/?partner=901615 before and they are pretty good and i think we get a discount because were owners club members with code ac1005.
  3. Alloy Help

    Haha, didnt realise those fell into it aswell. Ive decided before i go ahead with all these changes going to rotate the tyres and see if im stilling getting a vibration, if i have then either something has really fone wrong on my car or ive got 4 buckled alloys.
  4. Alloy Help

    Never tried avons but thanks for the confidence in them lenny makes me feel better if i buy them now. Big price difference and the avons seems to be all around the better tyre. Avon zv5 £76.96 Uniroyal rainsport 2 £85.90 Michellin pilot sport 3 £97.44 Prices from blackcircles
  5. Alloy Help

    Cheers stephen Been looking at a few different tyres either going to pick between the uniroyal rainsport 2 which i have on now, avon or yokohoma. There all around the same with the avon being the cheapest.
  6. Alloy Help

    Think it only applies to the 16inch alloys on some of the fiesta models mainly the titanium and the zetec 16inch alloys
  7. Ecoboost Engine Cover For The 1.0 Fiesta.

    Ford like to pic and choose what cars these go on. I havnt got one but my friend with a 2010 version of my car has.
  8. Alloy Help

    Have you got the 195-55-R16 tyres on yours?
  9. Alloy Help

    Think we can safley say that alloys on a 2009 fiesta were not very good. Just have to get everything ordered now. Might gomdirect to ford and see if i can get any deals for alloys with tyres if not immlooking at about £900 all together.
  10. Alloy Help

    Think i am pulling to them over the other ones. Going to keep all the other 4 of my other ones though and put them back on whenever i trade my car in for either a focus st or fiesta st.
  11. Alloy Help

    Went to the garage and as soon as u took the alloy of you could see the buckle, just thought time to put my hand in my pocket lol. Just have to decide out of the 3 which i would like the best.
  12. Alloy Help

    had the 2 front ones go, i want to still get the ford ones just because i like the simplistic look, so going to buy all 4. Good to hear that if i buy the 2010/2013 ones they are less likely or prone then the ones i have now because i dont want to buy the same alloys and have the exact same problem.
  13. Alloy Help

    Hey guys my 15 spoke titanium alloys have buckled, im not going to be buying the same 15 spoke again. Was wondering which ones would be the better choice because i still want ford alloys but just ones less prone to buckling. I have a 2009 titanium Option 1 - http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_16%22_12-spoke_Alloy_Wheel_-_2013_onwards_-_1817662_F1817662-23 Option 2 - http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_16%22_15_%C2%96spoke_Alloy_Wheel_-_2013_onwards_-_1817618_F1817618-62
  14. Bleeping Potholes!!

    Ive got the titanium ones aswell, just thinking if i want to go after market or but just some other better ford alloys which done buckle
  15. Bleeping Potholes!!

    Just got the car back damage = 2 buckled front wheels. Think im not getting ford alloys and just getting some other ones.