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  1. Hydraulic Fluid For Cabriolet Roof

    Hi kev. I found this quote on another forum for you. ive also got the same problem so this has helped us both out really :) Correct stuff is Ford part number 13841104 apparently this is the same for all year cabriolets. I paid £9 + VAT for a litre.
  2. hi all im new on here and im not sure if this is the right place to be putting this but i recently bought an Escort Ghia cabriolet and im having a few problems. it was really neglected and run like a bag of nails so ive had a new catalytic converter, water pump (due to leaking), all new brake pads/shoes and discs, and a full service done on it. now i thought that was going to solve the problem but typically it didn't and now ive got a car that hesitates real bad when i accelerate, and if i take my foot off of the accelerator after 2000 revs it will jolt back as if it is being held. if i take my foot off of the accelerator before the 2000 revs it is absolutely fine. needless to say it is really bugging me and its very uncomfortable to drive. any ideas what could be doing this. many thanks Gary
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Gary McCarthy :)

    1. Gary McCarthy

      Gary McCarthy

      thanks Steve :)