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  1. Hey Guys, I have a MK7 Zetec S (2012) model and as am sure your aware it no longer comes with the zetec S badge on the rear. I actually prefer the car without this as it looks cleaner in my opinion without it. I have purchased a zetec S badge for the front of the car to see how this looks. I've not applied this yet but here's what it looked like with abit of blu tack. Let me know what you think guys. Mike.
  2. Spare Wheel Size Zetec S 2012

    Also can you use any 175/65 R14 spare wheel or does it need to be a fiesta specific one because of the offset? Thanks :)
  3. Hi, Please could you tell me the size of the spare wheel I should be purchasing for my 2012 model zetec S? Is it 175/65 R14? Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I would like to purchase some ultra bright side lights for my ZS MK7. Just wondering if anyone could recommend me a good set. Any pics would also be useful. Thanks in advance...
  5. Recommendation Needed (Footwell Lights)

    Thanks for the links ordered some from the first one recommended gone for red hope it looks ok. Thanks guys
  6. Hi, Please could someone recommended me some good footwell lights in red for my Ford Fiesta 2011 Zetec S. I've looked and theirs alot out their just wondering which would be best? L.E.D etc? Thanks for any input - Nice subtle modification :)
  7. My Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S (Casper)

    thanks guys loving the car. Ordered a few bits so will keep this thread up dated :)
  8. Hi, My names Mike, I'm new so the site so be kind :P aways loved Ford's but never thought I'd own one being a Vauxhall fan too. In the past I've had two corsa's and a Clio but thought it was time to try something new. I've just purchased a Ford Fiesta MK7 Zetec S 1.6 Petrol in white, hence the name Casper. I traded in a 1.2 (2008) corsa design and must say i'm impressed so far. The car itself comes with the street pack and bluetooth. I went to view 4 of them in one day and knew this was the one on seeing it as it came with the options I wanted. I've no modifications so far although I've ordered some L.E.D registration light bulbs and will also be getting some red footwell lights too and maybe some replacement bulbs for the headlights. Previously had H.I.D's before but unsure on having these again. Anyway i'll post a few pics so any comments are much appreciated :) Mike.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums MikeM87 :)