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  1. 2007 Ford Fiesta For Sale

    2007 1.25 Style Climate 3dr Ford Fiesta. (Purple/mauve) This is a great car runs and starts all time every time. 42k on clock and has heated front and rear screen, Air con, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors. Only reason i am selling the car is wife is expecting a baby and we have brought a 5dr car. After researching with other private dealers and ford dealerships i am asking for £4550ono. Sensible offers are welcome. Car is situated in Redhill, Surrey. Many Thanks.
  2. Advice on tow bars

    I cant remove rear bumper there anr 4 screws running along top as u open boot and two underneath they are just spinning and not coming out or un doing then 1 on either wheel arch any advise or tips please Thanks
  3. Advice on tow bars

    Thanks for advise and drawing going to fit it tomorow thanks u again.
  4. Advice on tow bars

    Its a y reg 2001 .
  5. Advice on tow bars

    Does anyone know how to fit a tow bar on to a ford focus hatch back. Does the rear bumper have to come off to be fitted. Thanks.
  6. Ford focus control bulbs???

    Thank you i shall give it a go many thanks.
  7. Ford focus control bulbs???

    I need to change some bulbs that light up the heating controls and window switch and also my lights switch Any one know how to get the knobs out to replace bulbs behind? Many Thanks.
  8. Coolant Leak

    Hello there i have a 2007 fiesta and i am loosing collant i am having to top it up every 12 hours or less depending on how much i drive it. Is there any common fault with thease as i have looked all over the car and cannot seem to see any steam or where the leak is.
  9. Up grading engine

    Ok i will have a lil shop on ebay and see whats avaliable thanks for your advice. Got alot of thinking and callculations to do.
  10. Up grading engine

    Yeah i would be happy to do it but wat i dont want to happen is that i take out old engine then cant put other engine in due to needing loads of parts.
  11. Up grading engine

    so if it is going to be hard to change engines over is there any advice and tips to tune up my engine as it is really sluggish as the cars body is far to big for a 1.4 engine think ford should of started building the focus's wih 1.6 engines. Als it is not easy for me to just swap cars and buy a bigger liter car.
  12. Up grading engine

    So its queit a big job then ?
  13. Up grading engine

    I can do it my self but i am just wondering if it is just a straight swap over? or do i need all new drive gear and gearbox.?
  14. Up grading engine

    I have a 1.4 zetec focus and was thinking about changeing the engine and putting a 1.6 zetec engine in. Will it be a quiet straight forward swap over or will it require all new gear box and driveing gear as well as ecu units?
  15. Hello every one

    Hello there every one i have just joined the ford forum. I drive a focus.