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  1. MK7 Fiesta Key

    Thanks for the welcome :). Yeah that whole Ka business was driving me nuts. The only difference between the KA and Fiesta I'll miss is the upgraded hi-fi pack. I'll just get that fitted after market with a better amp/sub anyway. I would have liked the interior pack 2 (scuff plates, leather handbrake & gearknob.). I wonder how hard they'll be to fit aftermarket if I order the parts? Can't wait for Friday now. I was v.impressed with the power of the 82ps engine. I wasn't expecting much before the test drive. I thought a 1.25 engine would struggle with the size of the new Fiesta, obviously not. Granted its not a powerhouse but I'm no boy racer.
  2. MK7 Fiesta Key

    I'm not that bothered I'm just surprised. I assumed it was standard across all new cars. I'm not going to lose sleep over it, that would be rather sad....
  3. MK7 Fiesta Key

    I think I've confused people sorry. I mean the kind of car key where the key folds in and you press the button to release it. I've gone for the Zetec trim but the car I ordered comes with an optional 2nd remote key.
  4. MK7 Fiesta Key

    I would but that would be a factory order and I'm never ordering a factory order car again. I ordered my original car, the new KA (with a few options) on Jan 17th and they hadn't even started making it so I got a good deal on this car. I just think it's strange as 99% of new car hese days have flip keys, inc. the new ka!
  5. MK7 Fiesta Key

    I cancelled my order for the new KA after the delivery dates were ridiculous! I've got a Vision Blue 1.25 (82Ps) Fiesta Zetec with: 16" Alloys City Pack Privacy Glass 2nd remote key Bluetooth/USB being delivered ready for me to drive next Friday. I test drove the 1.25 (82ps) and was so surprised by the power output of the unit, considering the Fiesta's size. The only thing I didn't like about the Fiesta was the key was not a folding key. Does the new Fiesta not have one of those flip keys? It's nice not having my car key scraping around in my pocket.
  6. Hi there :) Just got back from my local Ford garage after putting down my deposit on the new Ford KA with the following specs: New Ford KA 1.2 petrol engine Zetec Trim With the options: - Metallic paint: Dive blue - Music pack (Upgraded speakers with added sub and amp) - Rear parking sensors - Leather seats - Leather Handbrake, gearstick, steering wheel & scuff plates I feel like I got a good deal as I managed to get the parking sensors, metallic paint and music park for free, which is around £700-£750 off. I can't wait for it to arrive now :D. I had considered so many other cars before I finally settled for the KA. My requirements were (in no specific order) - Nice interior - Economical - Cheap to tax - Good looking - Cheap insurance (19 YO) - Small (I prefer smaller cars) With the kind of driving I do I have no real use for a large engine. It's mostly around town driving with the occasional motorway. After test driving so many different cars (Peugeot 107, Hyundai i10, Fiat 500) I found the KA to be the nicest out of them all. The tranmission was so smooth on the KA and it felt natural driving it. With the Hyundai i10 I didn't really get along with it, managed to stall it twice during the test drive. The new KA ticked all of my boxes and after test driving I knew it was the right car. Just a couple of questions: 1) I'll be transferring my head unit from my current car to the KA when it arrives. Does anyone know if any 3rd party companies have made fascia adaptors and steering wheel control adaptors for the New KA? 2) Anyone else purchased a new KA? :)