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  1. Been told from a few reliable people that their sync reads out texts from their iPhone however no matter what I’ve tried mines will just not do it..anybody any tips? I’ve a 16 plate kuga titanium sport with latest sync software according to ford website
  2. Looking to see if anybody with an iPhone has been able to get sync 2 to read out/display text messages? Never been able to do it in both my previous 14 plate focus zetec and now kuga titanium sport however the Mrs aunt says her does it in her B max titanium
  3. Hi just wondering if anybody has any idea if/ when Ford will release the latest SD card for the Sat Nav? Think I have F5 in a 16 plate Kuga but around my area alone there are loads of roads needing updated cheers! 🤘
  4. My 16 plate titanium sport diesel is sitting at 43.3 mpg, 75% of my driving is on motorway.
  5. Apologies if this has been asked before can you deactivate the passenger airbag in a 16 plate titanium sport?
  6. thanks buddy! Will need to make sure dealership provide one with car even if it is out of date!
  7. It's a 16 plate with sync 2 so SD card then? Does it still work if not updated?
  8. Just about to purchase a titanium sport with a satnav and was wondering how the satnav gets updated and does it cost to update it?
  9. Looking at getting a 16 plate kuga titanium sport however I've noticed some have sat nav and some don't! I take it sat nav isn't standard in the titanium sports?
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Noymad :)