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  1. Headlight Bulbs

    Haha, fair enough. Is it that theyre too bright? And would you just swap your fogs out at MOT time?
  2. Headlight Bulbs

    Hey, just a quick questiOn... What about sidelights? Are '6000k' Cree LED sidelights road legal??
  3. Brake Dust Covers

    Hey everyone, I'm still madly in love with my Mk3 Zetec-S. About 1000 miles on the clock, and she's been cleaned both weekends so far... (we'll see whether that lasts!) One thing I've noticed when cleaning is the amount of Brake Dust that get all overs the alloys... LIterally COVERED in the stuff with a week/350 miles driving! Apparently (I'm no expert... clearly) it's the dust from the Disc Brakes? Does that make sense? Also, I've heard you can get 'Brake Dust Covers', does anyone have any opinions on these or recommendations? Seem like they could be a great little idea (if they work), but I was wondering if anyone here has had experience of them in the past. Cheers in advance, Michael
  4. My New Zetec-S

    Hey Jimrex... Mine definitely aren't LEDs... annoyingly. I'll get a picture up to show you. I had the bulb out in my hand earlier, so it's definitely something I can (and will!) change... One of the hardest decisions of my life (not literally... but it was a factor) was going for the style of the Zetec-S over the additional functionality of the Titanium... and the ambien lighting was a tough thing to give up! I don't even have a sunglasses holder in mine! Come to think fo it... maybe that's why you've got the LED interior light? Isn't that part of a premium set up up top?? p.s. I have a laptop... where the hell do i plug it in to unlock the hidden goodies???? lol
  5. 6000K Halogen Bulbs - Mk3 Lighting

    Brigante, Thanks very much for your detailed reply. Really helpful too. I swear I thought I'd read that 6000K or even 8000K were legal... but I know not to bother risking it now. Those Hyper White's do look nice though... lol I like the look of the cool blue intense... so may well go for those myself. I'm guessing people recommend staying away from MTec and the like? Seem cheaper, but i guess that's probably for a reason? Thought the sidelight LED's looked pretty good. I was thinking about getting them for the inside and the puddle's, but I think they may be a bit strong for the interior, and am not sure the shape would work in the puddles... I'll have to double check though. Thanks for the advice on the fogs... That's enough for me to give them a miss. I've seen a couple on Ebay that look ok. This sort of thing? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-H11-CREE-5W-HIGH-POWER-LED-CAR-FOG-WHITE-BULBS-6000K-/310389473153?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4844a77f81 I'm undecided with the footwells at the minute... I'd always thought I'd really like some Blue LED's in the footwells, but since I got the car am a little undecided on what i want to do there... Think I'll sort all the lights that are already there first, and then make a decision once that's done. And the ignition ring... My car's got a Ford Power Start button, but i guess I could still install a light ring there? There's some sort of cap covering the whole ignition section, but has anyone added an ignition light to one of these before?? Jimrex... unfortunately mines a bulb mate... had it out in my hand earlier today. Weird some are LED and some are bulb... Really obviously yellow too. I'll take a pic when i get a chance, but definitely a bulb (unfortunately for me!!)
  6. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone knows where i could find some decent Halogen bulbs around 6000k colour. Most I can find seem to be around the 4000-4500k range... I'm looking to avoid as much yellow as possible in my lights, and was also thinking of putting in LED sidelights... http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/501-w5w-extreme-power-5w-cree-smd-canbus-led-bulbs-white/ Also, i'm going to change my interior dome lights to led too, http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/501-error-free-4-square-smd-led-sidelights-bulbs/ and also the puddle lamps (which I haven't decided on) as want to get them out first and have a look at the current bulb. As an after thought... would these be ridiculous fogs? or would they be ok? http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/h11-canbus-27-high-power-smd-led-error-free-bulbs/ Cheers guys, and sorry for all the questions, but there's an awful lot of knowledge on this forum, and i'd love to tap into a bit of it!! Michael
  7. My New Zetec-S

    Jim-rex... I am going to avoid the cheap ones... I've been looking on www.hids-direct.co.uk and they seem to have some good ones... Do you think Cree Led's be too bright for the interior/puddle lamps?? and overhead ambient lighting?? I don't even know what that is... but i'm interested! lol What do you mean?? Not too bothered about the brake calipers yet, although I must admit Pree's blue ones do look amazing! Thanks for the advice/recommendations! Pree, I just swapped the Sony radio unit over myself... everything seems to work perfectly, I much prefer the look of the Sony radio and despite having not changed the speakers I think it sounds better too! If a Sat-Nav unit had become available, I would've gone for one of those, but i'm not too bothered as i really like the Tom-Tom on my phone... but I guess a 5in screen would've just been nicer anyway!! Dave, cheers for the link... i'll definitely have a look through that!
  8. My New Zetec-S

    Hi All, I picked up my new Focus last weekend, and it's been a whirlwind romance ever since. I absolutely love the car. Everything about it is soooo much better than my previous Mk1. I went from a 2.0l Petrol Mk1, to a 1.6tdci Mk3, and i'm absolutely loving it. The economy on the car is great! currently about 48mpg over 500 miles so far (not too shabby from the 22mpg i came from!) I also think the Zetec-S is beautiful. I've had many compliments on it's looks and yeah, it's definitely fair to say i'm in love! I think the 18in wheels really suit the vehicle. There's a couple of things I want to do to the car. I've swapped over to a Sony radio, and didn't like the Silver radio surrounds/air con bits, so got some black bits for them, and will be looking to get some interior LED's for the dome lights, and some white LED's for the Side lights, and puddle lamps in the next week or so. Eventually i guess i'll buy some white headlamps/fogs as well, as they are disappoitningly yellow... but not yet... If anyone has any advice on some simple mods, or some nice LED's they could recommend, then i'd love to hear what you've got to say! Thanks very much, Michael (loving his new car)
  9. Sony Stereo Installed

    Hi there, did you require a code or nothing when you changed the radio??? Or nice and simple? Looks amazing by the way!!
  10. Ford Sync - Radio Change

    Hmmm... interesting. What's the big difference with Sync then? I know the new ST has it, doesn't it? and when I picked up my Zetec-S at the weekend, I got a leaflet telling me what Sync bits I could use with my car... Only thing I haven't got working yet is the text messaging... (but I thought that was because I hadn't installed iOS6 yet?)
  11. Ford Sync - Radio Change

    Hello all... Does anyone know if Sync is associated with the Radio? or whether it is separate? I'm looking to change my radio from a Standard Ford (62 plate) headunit to another (slightly older 12 plate) Sony radio... and I was wondering whether this would mean i'd lose elements of the Sync? Cheers, Michael
  12. Radio Code On New Focus

    Hi Guys, Just looking through the manual on my new Focus for the radio code? Can't see it in there? Surely they should've given me the code for my new radio? hmm..... Anyone else with a Mk3 NOT get their radio code with their new car??? Probably worth calling the dealer tomorrow morning to check what's going on...but I thought i'd ask here first. Cheers, Michael
  13. Clutch Travel

    Hi all, So... after months of waiting, I picked up my new 62 plate 1.6tdci Zetec-S yesterday... I've done a couple of hundred miles in it so far, and I've got to say I think it's AMAZING!! MPG is currently at 46... and i'm over the moon. A roads at 50ish seem to get the best MPG at the moment which suits me down to the ground as that's what my daily 40 mile commute is mostly on. One thing i've found surprising so far is the amount of travel the clutch pedal has... It comes so high! and I'm finding it difficult/impossible to rest my foot on the pedal without seeming to engage the clutch slightly? I don't remember ever having a clutch pedal that moved quite so much... Is it just me? or am I being stupid somewhere? i've always rested my foot on the pedal, but will i now have to completely stop that? Other than that, I love the car... Plenty of torque and looks stunning. Over the moon with it all round.
  14. Ford Focus Zetec S 2012

    Lights look awesome on the white! Is that an insurance disclosable mod??
  15. Instrument Cluster

    Hello all, I was wondering, does anyone know if it's possible to simply plug and play a replacement instrument cluster on a Ford Focus Mk3? Would they have to be identical, or could a Titanium cluster go into a Zetec and vice versa? Cheers, Michael