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  1. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta Titanium 2009

    With respect to jace, swapping out the stereo isn’t too difficult, one thing I would say is make sure that you check the connectors on the back of your original stereo to see if you have the early or later wiring harness, then once you fit the parts it does have to be programmed in but that’s not too difficult with a modified elm and forscan, the internet is your friend - use it to help when you get stuck.... I’m in the process of upgrading my seats to full leather and heated, so far I have the drivers side in and working a treat [emoji4]
  2. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta Titanium 2009

    When I was looking for my car if it was a titanium without the Sony radio I just avoided it, however after I bought it I discovered there are a few versions of the Sony radio one with DAB and one without, mine was without however after a lot of research and with the help of this forum I was able to swap out the standard Sony to the DAB Sony, so I would say definitely you can swap out the basic radio for a Sony one
  3. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta Titanium 2009

    I had the choice of a 1.4 petrol 2011 zetec and a 1.6 petrol 2010 titanium, I went for the titanium purely for the additional extras (cruise control, auto folding mirrors, Sony 8 speaker CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, voice control auto AC auto lights and wipers, where the zetec only had a basic trim level, however I would make sure the titanium has the Sony radio as I have seen a few titanium’s with the most basic radio with the most basic display, I have had mine for a year and a half with zero issues. I would highly recommend you check any potential cars with this website to check the mot history, if you like the look of a car put in the reg into the website and if there is a big list of mot failures then avoid and look for a different car, my car has a clean sweep of mot passes from its 1st mot to its last
  4. Fiesta1.25

    Ford Fiesta Zetec S boot problem

    My mk7 1.6 titanium boot has started opening by its self, which if it’s the same problem as yours then it’s all down to a faulty tailgate switch, I removed mine yesterday and opened it up, turns out it was soaking wet and dirty inside, I dried it with a heat gun and used wd40 to clean up the button contact points and re-soldered the two terminals, which has fixed the problem
  5. Fiesta1.25

    Facelift rear lights

    Yes the plugs were different but I got a pair of facelift plugs from a breakers yard and joined them into my harness, was very easy as all the colours of wire on the face lift matched the pre facelift, I agree that it’s a bit of a disappointment only having the bars as leds but I’ll probably upgrade the rest of the bulbs to leds which will make a huge difference.
  6. Fiesta1.25

    Facelift rear lights

    Managed to retrofit these into my pre facelift,
  7. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta mk7.5 horizontal headlight adjustment

    Have you replaced the headlight bulbs recently, is it possible the one in question is not clicked into its location properly?
  8. Fiesta1.25

    Facelift rear lights

    Has anyone fitted mk7.5 facelift rear lights onto a pre facelift mk7 like the ones below? I know the wiring plugs are different but is it possible?
  9. Fiesta1.25

    Hazard warning switch

    Yes should be illuminated
  10. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta MK7.5 LED modifications

    Yes my skills are decent enough, done loads of mods and retrofits to my previous car
  11. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta MK7.5 LED modifications

    I’m really interested in changing the colour of the led above the glovebox and the cup holder led, also the led strips of the headlights look amazing and wouldn’t mind adding those to my car.
  12. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta MK7.5 LED modifications

    Looks awesome mate, are you putting kits together and selling them? Or can you send links to where we can buy them from?
  13. If you’re a member of AA or RAC they will gain access for you, happened to me a few years ago locking my keys in the ignition with engine running.
  14. Fiesta1.25

    Upgrade Ford fiesta mk7 seats

    Can you tell me how you changed the connectors to allow your facelift seats to fit your pre facelift car loom?
  15. Hi docker, I managed to get mine sorted, I got the actuator and the two levers that are attached to it, I only replaced the actuator it’s self as the two levers looked fine, it has solved my issue, so thank you for the original post, without that I would have probably struggled to pinpoint the issue. Many thanks [emoji106]