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  1. Fiesta1.25

    Thinking of getting a mk7 - few questions

    I have a 1.6 pre facelift petrol which on paper sounds a lot less economical than the 1.25 but in terms of real life driving, it has decent oomph and returns a steady 40mpg’s Also the 1.6 won’t have to work as hard as the 1.25 you will probably find yourself revving the 1.25 a lot harder than the 1.6 to get similar performance
  2. Fiesta1.25

    RADio with aux

    Have you tried the obvious and checked the aerial is connected properly? Also some aftermarket head units will require an aerial adapter
  3. Fiesta1.25


    If there’s an issue with the wiring that makes one side not work then that makes a break in the circuit so that will result in the switch not work on both sides, if you replace the faulty passenger window switch then that will resolve the issue
  4. I am looking to retrofit heated seats into my mk7 2010 fiesta titanium, looking at the main plug from my car which plugs into the seats, all looks to be there on the passenger side, the only one that seems to be missing is this yellow connector on the drivers side, does anyone know if that’s related to the heated seat circuit?
  5. Fiesta1.25

    Upgrade Sony non dab to dab version

    How did you get on with your dab upgrade? I was in the same position as you for months, having a post 2010 prefacelift where the head unit only has one single connector plug on the rear, all I can say is just keep looking, you will find one eventually, I have my dab up and running and it works a treat (I had Sony non dab, now I have so y dab, I assume you know you will also need wiring from the HU to the booster aerial which located in the boot?then out to the ground plate in the rear wheel arch?
  6. Fiesta1.25

    Retrofit Heated Seats

    How did you get them to work? Did they just plug into your existing wiring and they worked, or did you have to program them in or modify any wiring, pity you are so far away or I would have bought them,
  7. Fiesta1.25

    Retrofit Heated Seats

    Sounds like the seller if these seats is either being dishonest or is mistaken, if your seats have the buttons on the side then ther are from 2009-2012 pre facelift so either do more digging around the internet to see if it’s possible to fit them into your facelift model, or sell them on and buy a set they you are certain are from 2013-2017? I may possibly buy your pre facelift ones from you,
  8. Fiesta1.25

    Mobile app. Has it ended?

    I use tapatalk to access this forum too the issue I have is that it says in the reply box that I do not have permission to post, I can browse just can’t post. I have a couple of other forums linked to tapatalk which work fine. Any help on this issue would be great thanks.
  9. What do the fog lights look like when switched on?
  10. Fiesta1.25

    Parking Sensors Without Display

    The silver disc is nothing so do with the parking sensors, that is in actual fact the horn for the factory fit alarm, it’s the module behind that that is the parking sensor module, the sounder for the parking sensors are above and to the left of the module(in my previous picture)
  11. Fiesta1.25

    Parking Sensors Without Display

    Hi mate did you ever get the module mounted and wired up? Here is its factory fitted location......
  12. Fiesta1.25

    Fiesta titanium

    I have a January 2011 1.6 petrol titanium I get around 43mpg in the summer and 39.5 in the colder months, which is roughly 350 miles per full tank. I also have the gear shift indicator not sure if earlier models had it or not
  13. Can only apologise for not seeing any mention of the led colour change, [emoji85] 26 pages is a lot of reading lol.
  14. Looks like a nice finish [emoji106] your painting skills are coming along nicely.... have you thought about changing the colour of your window/heated front/rear screen and headlight switches? On my old mk6 I got blue, made a huge difference plus I’m sure if you search Ebay you will find someone who will be able to do it to the colour of your choice.......