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  1. Could the trailer control unit be where the tow bar gets its power from?
  2. I did the facelift centre console upgrade too, I simply ran wires from the rear 12v socket to the front 12v socket and ran wires from the illuminated cup holders to the little cubby hole ambient light in front of gearstick. Never had any issues in the 18months since I fitted it. I’d recommend the illuminated gear knob too, sets it all off brilliantly
  3. Yes definitely sounds like your issue is the blend motor, very simple to replace, you should be able to see/feel the faulty part just under the dash/centre console on the left it’s only held in with a couple to screws (torx I think) and a wiring connector.
  4. Best to buy the part listed above with the gaiter attached, that just unclips (see photo below for clip locations) once it’s unclipped all you have to do is unscrew gear knob off.
  5. Hi there, I have replaced a gem module on the same model, quite a simple process, I would advise disconnecting battery first, the location of the gem can be challenging if you’re not able to get your head upside down in the drivers footwell, the module it’s self is only held in by two screws (sorry can’t remember whether it’s screws,torx or bolts. The other thing is removing all the connectors, they are locked in using a little lever type bracket on each of the connectors, once you unclip the bracket just flip it over then the connector will release. Hope this helps, feel free to ask for further advice if needed.
  6. Are you certain the compressor is goosed? What is it doing or not doing?
  7. I have owned a 2010 1.6 titanium for over two years and been trouble free so far, car has an almost flawless mot history so from my point of view I would highly recommend
  8. Have a look at a close up of the cogs on the window motor (pictured) these teeth have a known problem for wearing away, and when they do, you will get issues as you’ve described, so whip your interior door card off and remove your motor and check the teeth. I’m sure this will be the problem.
  9. This one is used, but a genuine ford part and it’s a fraction of fords rip off price.
  10. No probs..... yes I’m sure you can upgrade, you would need a new Bluetooth module (located under passenger side glovebox) it looks like this...... Once you swap yours over I’m at a loss I’m afraid, maybe it will be plug and play? Or maybe you will have to activate it using a modified elm with forscan? But I’m certain it can be done.
  11. Not sure how difficult it will be to replace, but here’s a link......
  12. I retrofitted Fords factory Sony DAB into my fiesta, along with the full DAB aerial including the full wiring loom, amplifier and ground plate..... quote.... “Would I be right in thinking the white fakra in a stock system sends a 12v phantom power down to the amplifier to power it, the signal is then sent back up to the head unit and passed back into the black fakra?” Yes I’d say you are spot on thinking that. There was a wire in the loom in which I had to tap into the wiring harness for the HU to send down power to the amplifier, so you could go down that route, or looking at the link you posted, I don’t see how that wouldn’t work plus that would be a lot earlier than trying to route the full DAB loom (which wasn’t easy with the dash and roof lining in place) Hope this helps
  13. Hi I did this to my old mk6 very easy to do, all you will need is the loom which connects the two front fogs together, and the piece of wiring that connects into your car, which will be in place, will be easy to find once you remove the front bumper, you will also need the replace your light switch insider the car with one equipped for front and rear fogs
  14. Just been to the Livingston store and they still have a few on the shelf currently at £20 reduced from £33,