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  1. Best thing to do would be to remove your head unit and check the sockets on the back as there are a few different types between 2009-2012 I have a spare non DAB Sony headunit available if you’re interested? Obviously you’d need to check the connectors first to see what you have
  2. The sound you are hearing is the compressor clutch clicking to engage the compressor, if it’s happening quite frequently then at a guess I’d say you have a small refrigerant leak or your system just needs re-gassed
  3. Just thought I’d update..... so I bought a used compressor, auxiliary belt, Pag46 oil and new compressor seals, all fitted by myself, then got ac system vacuum checked then re-gassed total cost £130 and two weeks later all is working fine, so quite a substantial saving from buying new.
  4. Lol yes it’s weather like this that you can’t really do without aircon (even in Scotland the temperature over the weekend has been 22 Celsius) so I have went ahead and ordered the parts, I got a compressor from a 2011 which has only done 31k miles, the oil I need is PAG 46 and uses 120cc so once it’s all fitted and gassed up the total cost will be a fraction of the price I was quoted for a new one. I will post back here once it’s fitted and either working or not
  5. I agree it’s a gamble but £40 used as opposed to £400 for a new one is something that I can’t ignore, it’s just the pag 170cc or 120cc that I need to know about so I can go ahead and order one.
  6. Hi all, i have just had an aircon compressor leak diagnosed in my fiesta 1.6l petrol I can’t justify the £400 price tag to have a new one supplied and fitted, so I’ve began to look into buying a second hand compressor. There are plenty listed on eBay with my part number, but I have noticed that some say 120cc pag and some say 170cc pag does anyone know what the difference between the two are and do I need to match up the part number AND the pag qty?
  7. SVP stands for Special Vehicle Program and SIP - Side Impact Protection
  8. Have a look at a post from zain611 on this forum, here’s a link to it, sounds exact same issue as he had.
  9. Intermittent faults usually point to the wiring, so first thing is check would be the connector into the window switch and maybe even the window motor connection?
  10. No idea if the problem still exists on your non oem part, is there any corrosion on the connector that plugs into the switch? Might be worth checking and drying out if necessary
  11. Yes that’s very similar to what I found inside my boot release switch, I think the white gunk is supposed to be there to help repel moisture from the electrics, however the design must be poor as it is a common fault with moisture getting in and rendering the switches erratic or inoperative - just replace with a new one and you shouldn’t have any other problems with it.
  12. Best thing to do would get under the dashboard and try and feel which actuators are “clicking” and replace the faulty ones, that’s what I did and now no clicking and all is working well
  13. Yes very easy job, it’s only clipped in and has a small electrical connector, remove the number plate which will give a tiny bit more access, look at your new switch to see where the clips are so you know where to prise.
  14. I can’t advise on the hazard warning switch but I’m 99% sure replacing your tailgate switch will sort that issue, I had same problem on mine, apparently it’s a common fault, it gets wet and rusts the circuit inside..... the first time my one went, I removed the switch cleaned and dried it and re-soldered the solder joints inside, which fixed the problem for about a year, however it became temperamental again so I replaced it with a new one and all has been fine since. Hope this helps
  15. cool glad to hear you located the problem 👍 I might have a spare one if you’re interested I’ll check tomorrow also I reckon I have a spare window switch too