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  1. Depends on what kind of mileage the new driver is going to do, the 1.6 tdci is decent for higher mileage users who will do plenty motorway miles, if at all possible avoid the 1.25 as it’s a bit sluggish, but the 1.4 is a is fine with the little bit extra power and insurance should be not too bad, petrol consumption should be around 35-40mpg and around 50-55mpg’s for the diesel. Also try and go for more than the base models (studio or style), and aim for a Ghia or LX, they will give you far more extras, like heated front screen, air con, leather interior, some have electric folding mirrors too. Hope this helps
  2. I would remove it no point having a dirt cheap tuning box on your car.... it’s probably doing more harm than good.
  3. I’d say that the connector is from the rain sensor, and the cut wire is more than likely from either dashcam or reverse camera, if the windscreen has been replaced in the past chances are the glass company that fitted it would not have replaced it with a genuine ford glass, you could check the lower left hand side for the window brand and see if it matches all the other glass on the car. All my windows have Ford etched on them see attached photo
  4. Can’t be done by just swapping them over, you need to replace your Bluetooth module and replace it with the newer sync module, (I am not sure if that’s a straight swap) then you will have to buy the head unit, screen and facia along with gps sensor, wiring and sd card with the maps. I have a preface lift too and just opted for the Sony unit with DAB radio, the Ford nav is a bit poor in my opinion anyway.
  5. I had the same issue when I changed my front brake pads and discs, turned out to be the aluminium slides that the brake shoes slot into had popped out from the calliper slightly, and was catching the wheel as it turned. When the brake pedal was pushed slightly the slide must have been forced back into location which stopped the noise. See the attached picture of the slides that I’m talking about. Hope this helps.
  6. P29 TFM is showing it was last mot’d on the 5th March 2008 with 41,891 miles on the clock, so no mot status in 12 years, I’d say, sadly your old fez is decomposed in the grave.
  7. Quick google translation of the rocker switch reads...... CHEAP - more than 50% cheaper than the original ROBUST AND RELIABLE - thanks to proven rocking mechanism and tested quality EASY REPLACEMENT in just 2 minutes without tools (see video instructions) SUITABLE FOR BOTH FRONT SEATS OF MANY MODELS - simply check whether your switch has the imprint "PA 93BG 19K 314 AA" (see offer photos) FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING INCLUDING SHIPMENT TRACKING - You will often receive your delivery the next working day. GOOD AND FAST CUSTOMER SERVICE - no matter whether before or after the purchase, write to us and we will take care of your request as soon as possible GOOD OPTICS AND HAPTICS - looks subtle, but can also be easily felt and operated while driving DIFFERENT COLORS - Choose your preferred color (all are non-luminous) from our offers. Probably a switch that will be more robust than the original, however they look quite cheap and nasty and very non oem. I did see a listing on eBay which is parts to fix your own switch (seems to be a common problem) I do like the idea of having a visual aid to tell you they are on or off which I may look to do to mine, if I manage it I will make a wee how to guide and post on this thread.
  8. Ok cool I will get the system pressure checked thank you for your help really appreciate it [emoji106]
  9. I replaced the condenser and compressor last year, I had the system vacuumed and re gassed a few months ago and that went ok.
  10. Hi just worndering if this is normal behaviour of my aircon compressor, as you can see in the video the clutch on the compressor engages then dis engages every few seconds. Also if you look at the pressure of the system it drops away down to low and climbs back up to above the green zone. Hope someone can shed some light on this.
  11. Yes I’d agree with the tiger seal, I attempted to fit one in my previous car (mk6) I measured measured and measured to get the holes spot on but the trouble is you need to drill through the outer panel then the inner panel, and to get it at the correct angle isn’t easy so I ended up just filling the holes then tiger sealed it, it was solid and couldn’t be budged.
  12. Make sure you have all the parts required before you start (see my guide) plug it all in before fitting them to make sure all works. If you need help locating parts give me a shout and I’ll help
  13. The window should just clip into the regulator look at the photo in my guide...... possibly you have not clipped the window in property?
  14. Heated front and back screens plus stop/start are all big power drainers so that on top of your original battery coupled with your short journeys point me In the direction of your battery, so first thing I’d do would be to have it checked and replaced if necessary.
  15. You could upgrade to this.... But it would mean swapping over the head unit and the facia and display at a rough cost of £80 - £120 but you would have to get someone to program it in to the car (a good ford dealer may do this for you) would be worthwhile speaking to one before you go buying parts.