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  1. cool glad to hear you located the problem 👍 I might have a spare one if you’re interested I’ll check tomorrow also I reckon I have a spare window switch too
  2. I fitted the LED rear lights to my pre facelift mk7 like the ones below..... i got the facelift plug with the lights all you have to do is match the colours from the facelift plug to your cars loom.
  3. Swap it over for something like this.......
  4. I’ve never did the sat nav so can only really advise on the fitting of all the DAB bits, I’m sure there’s a separate antenna for the nav, you will need to fit DAB aerial loom (if your original HU didn’t have it) you will need to make sure the HU connectors match the plugs on your cars existing harness
  5. You need to check the rear of your unit to see what connectors are on the back
  6. Sounds like it could be your regulator, or maybe just plastic tooth from the motor has broken off?
  7. Not sure if there’s a guide as such in here but I can help you source all the parts you need and help guide you to fit them
  8. You can retrofit the ford/Sony DAB plenty (including me) on this forum have successfully done it.
  9. Who said I was on it all day????
  10. Just tried to log in today again and now I’m getting this......
  11. If your dash cam is attached to the top of the windscreen, the best way to route the cable is straight up and behind the headliner, then across to the passenger side A pillar run it to the bottom of the A pillar then into your fuse box area where you can piggy back off a suitable fuse. The only bit of the cable which will be visible will be from the dash cam to the headliner
  12. Hi Craig I have recently added Sony headunit with DAB to my 2010 fiesta, I’m not sure the mystery fakra connector is? It can’t have anything to do with DAB as I didn’t have that on the aerial loom I bought, the “another mystery connector” is what adds power to the aerial booster in the boot, what you need to do with this is, cut off the grey plug off the end, and add a length of wire to make it the same length as the fakra to the head unit and tap into pin 2 on the head unit harness
  13. Check out this website, or here’s a photo I pulled from it......
  14. Same Same here les, hope it’s back up and running soon, it’s amazing how much you miss something when it’s been taken away from you. I’m looking to retrofit a few parts to my car and it really helps when it comes to ordering parts online from salvage yards that display the car’s reg numbers.