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  1. Just been to the Livingston store and they still have a few on the shelf currently at £20 reduced from £33,
  2. Ideal mate thanks for the info, they’re selling it for £20 for 4litres
  3. Hi looking to do an oil change this weekend, what oil would be recommended for my 2010 mk7 1.6 petrol I was looking at this? Asda are doing a deal on it...... says on the label it’s for stop/start which my car doesn’t have, would that matter?
  4. I would say it would be a difficult conversion to make, think the dash would have to come out as your current manual controls are mechanical and use cables and rods to physically move your vents, but in auto climate controls it’s electric actuators which change the direction of airflow / heat/cold so you would have to replace your manual controls with the actuators, would be interested to see if it’s possible though
  5. I would say so, as long as the size is correct
  6. Lol they’re not locking nuts they are simply covers to “hide” the standard nut that the original poster wanted to cover
  7. Maybe something like this?.......
  8. I’m guessing it’s a facelift mk7.5 you have? If it is, have you looked into replacing the speedo cluster with a pre facelift one? I think all pre facelift clusters illuminated red.
  9. The second last letter of the part number is the level of GEM... A isn’t equipped with central locking.... B is equipped with central locking C is equipped with remote central locking and D is equipped with remote central locking and alarm. You will also need two original keys to allow you to reprogram a third keyfob with the buttons for remote locking.
  10. Not exactly sure what you’re asking but If you are looking for the part you need to allow your car to central lock with your remote key, then it’s the GEM module, which should have a part number 4S6T-15K600- then either C or D with any other letter for example 4S6T-15K600-DB A GEM with that part number will be equipped with remote central locking capability.
  11. I have done this to my mk7 pre facelift, I added the facelift centre console with the illuminated cup holders to get them working I just tapped into the led lighting I already had in the small cubby hole in front of the gear stick.
  12. Yes you would be able to replace your GEM with one equipped with remote locking, but to be able to do it yourself you will need two original keys to be able to program your new remote key. If you don’t have two original keys then I’m sure a local locksmith will be able to program the new key. I had a 2005 mk6 that I successfully converted, so know it’s possible. If you need help looking the correct GEM give me a shout and I’ll have a look for you.
  13. Hi I did this to my 2010 pre facelift mk7 but I reckon the process is the same, whole front end needs to come off to gain access once it’s off there’s only a couple of bolts and a couple of pipes to remove, here’s a pic of mine
  14. I replaced the heater control valve on my missus ford KA which was located just below the wiper motor, so if it’s the same location on the fiesta then there’s no need to drain the coolant, just be prepared to lose a little bit when you disconnect the hoses, and also have some kind of bungs available to plug up the hoses while you fit the new valve. Hope this helps