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  1. Happy Birthday davefc!

  2. Diamondbrite

    I previously bought a FF that had had this done and i must say the shine lasted and when cleaned and spruced up looked almost new. I then changed it for anew car and stupidly had the dealers version applied, I am not impressed and to be honest they could have got away with not applying and i would not have known. If i was to change the car i would go get it home and have the Diamondbrite applied at home. or as others say DIY with Autoglym.
  3. Rossbclarke123, this cover has no holes for the 2 controls on the steering wheel. Chances are that in making the holes yourself you would cause more damage than i currently have. Thanks anyway
  4. I was wondering if anybody has any idea how to wire one of these things up permanently, so that the cables can be hidden. The problem is the thing can either be be powered by the battery or as i want by the supplied mini USB to aux power socket(Cigarette lighter). I don't want to see this permanently plugged in but hidden away and possibly add a switch to isolate it. Anybody got any suggestions on anything that is on the market that could do this? This is the sort of thing i'm talking about. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1280P-HD-2-5-LCD-NIGHT-VISION-CCTV-IN-CAR-DVR-ACCIDENT-CAMERA-Video-Recorder-UK-/301052683310?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item461823642e
  5. Has anybody else come across the poor trim quality in the mk3 Focus. As i hope you can see from the attached pics the silver ? is beginning to chip away leaving a very sharp edge which i have cut myself on. The only way to stop this happening again would be to stick some tape or similar over this. It begs the question what these silver trim will look like in a number of years when normal ware and tare happens. It will become very shabby. Anybody have any suggestions how to stop this happening?
  6. Side Lights When Unlocking Car??

    Wow, just been and checked. It works. I read the manual, well obviously thought i read the manual. Thanks and sorry for hijacking your thread
  7. Side Lights When Unlocking Car??

    I have a mk3 with this fitted and yes it puts the sidelights on when unlocking the car. But it serves no purpose at all, unless you parked in a dark field and it shows where the car is!
  8. New Side Lights Bulbs

    I too have added these and they catainly are brighter and better than normal bulbs
  9. What Is This Symbol Please?

    Thanks James, all sorted now
  10. What Is This Symbol Please?

    Thanks gents but It can't be cruise control as mine does not have it..Thanks Lenny, I don't drive on average I normally have it set on actual mpg, probably why I hadn't noticed this particular symbol.
  11. I have never noticed the symbol previously, Small white circle with white line though it. In the Multifunction display. I was playing with the traction control in driver assist. I’m sure it was not there before. Anybody got any idea because I can’t find it in the manuals. I have reverted to traction control on (as it was) and its still there. Probably something simple but anybody got any ideas? Davefc
  12. Wind Deflectors Are They Worth It ?

    I would recomend putting them on. Open the window a little and they allow air into the car with little noise and draft that you would get without these being fitted and the do look cool.
  13. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    Anybody know if the same applies for the Mk 3 Focus?
  14. Ford Focus Cosworth

    I'll have one without doubt, don't think the wife would be too impressed though! Seriously i don't think it would cope with the 11 speed bumps i HAVE to go ove to get home.
  15. Mk 3 Focus Engine Cover?

    I thought the same when i picked my 2011 zetec up. Looks really strange without a cover, i would fit one if there was one available but artscot79 has the reason they are not fitted as standard or as an extra.