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  1. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    I think they look nice, maybe colour code them to the body and see if u like them then.
  2. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    oooo mystery lol. How much you selling the RS ones for?
  3. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    Sounds like a squeeze and a problem, hope it gets fixxed up soon. What rims are you getting?
  4. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    Sweet ride, I think it could do with matching gel badges on the wheel center caps. where u getting it remapped?
  5. Mondeo Titanium X Sport Build Thread!

    Tell ya it looks mint, I love the twin look, was gonna do that with mine but too much fabrication needed (cost too much).How much did that set you back? did it come with a life time guaranty? did you go for cat back or de-cat? Got to admit when people hear and see the stainless steel zorst they are a bit shocked as they don't really associate family saloons to them. Keep it nice n polished at the tip lol.
  6. My Mondi Going Through Changes.

    I would love to but I live next to a main road so its not safe enough. PLus I might need a bit of help as I never done my own brakes before, I have helped others do brakes so I learned that way.
  7. My Mondi Going Through Changes.

    Just picked up some new front and rear brakes. Got an advisory so need doing in the next month or so. Just need to find someone to fit them for me who doesnt charge a fortune.
  8. My Mondi Going Through Changes.

    Not planning too. I think it looks ok for the mo. Thanks
  9. My Mondi Going Through Changes.

    Oh I almost forgot to add pic's of the tinting I had done a few weeks ago. Opted for just the rear being done, which I thought was the est option. Really please with it.
  10. My Mondi Going Through Changes.

    Changed the red, I admit it looked naff so I went for carbon fiber vynal to cover it. I also out on my newly painted Mondeo badge.
  11. Xenon Help

    Any ideas about the side light anyone?
  12. My Mondi Going Through Changes.

    No offence taken. The red front is coming off and I am getting them carbon wrapped. I think it will look much better.
  13. Xenon Help

    Well I just found out that these are not infact propper xenon's. Apparently they are halogens which have the looks of xenon's. Still can't find an explanation to why the side light don't work.......
  14. Xenon Help

    I just tried the light, it works fine but no side light working????
  15. Xenon Help

    I picked up a Xenon on ebay. I opened the back up and I can't seem to find where the ballst goes. It doesnt look like there is anywhere for the cables to plug in from the ballast. Any help?