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  1. Ford Focus Cutting Out :(

    hi all just thought id update this for anyone who has had the same problem it turned out to be the speed sensor
  2. Ford Focus Cutting Out :(

    hi yea its a 2001, id say it locks as if youve taken the key out
  3. Ford Focus Cutting Out :(

    thanks for answering the engine cuts out and the steering locks the dials then dont work for a few mins or sometimes it will cut out again a few mins after the first cut out and the dials wll start working again .The car would roll but with the steering locking its not good i have to start t up as quick as i can it does start straight away. I havnt really noticed if it happens at a certain rev any ideas
  4. hi all have a 1991 ford focus never had any problems till recently . it might only happen once a week but its started cutting out on me , all the dials go off speedomitor petrol gaige ect they do come back on after a few mins .it can be pretty scarry when going over a central reservation and dies when half over or going round a corner and your steering locks .Somebody looked at all the pipe work today and said that looked fine any idea people :o
  5. blower fan not working

    thats great thanks , my email is channygreene@hotmail.com and thanks for yr help :D
  6. blower fan not working

    is it a big job to replace then?????????
  7. car fanI have a 2001 focus (not air conditioning) the fan will only work on the no 1 setting when i put it on any higher it starts groaning and stops , not good for this cold weather any ideas anybody please ?????????????