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  1. Ka headlight bulb changing

    Superb write up jsr101 :) Just changed the top bulb in the wifes Ka passenger side in about 2 minutes......piece of cake ;)
  2. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I couldn't see it. I've one of the 1.6 TDCI engines that have well reported turbo/oil problems for one reason or the other and I've now managed to sieze my engine and my mechanic has suggested a replacement engine would be cheaper rather than a strip down of my existing engine so what I'm asking is what make/model/type of engine would I be best going for, if there is any difference at all in that respect or would a 1.8 TDCI be a straight forward swap out as I'm led to believe the 1.8 doesn't have the same turbo/oil problem traits Thanks in advance for any replies/pointers car specis > Manufacturer: Ford Model:FOCUS DIESEL ESTATE 1.6 TDCi LX 5dr [110] [Euro 4] Model Year: 2006 Transmission:Manual Engine Size:1600cc First Registered:30/06/2006
  3. Focus Estate Mk 2 1.6 Tdci 2006

    Appoligies if my question is a silly one and if it is can someone just tell me that please, if it's not a silly question, is it possible to use a 1.8 engine for the swap out?
  4. Repeated Turbo Failure On 1.6 Tdci

    I too have a 2006 1.6 TDCI with a failed turbo and I'm terrified that once I've forked out my hard earned money to get it fixed that It'll fail again in the near future and I'll have to dig deep into my pockets again :( Any updates on this very common turbo failure from Ford anyone ? Any info or links appreciated as I'll pass all the info on to my mechanic before he tackles the job. Thanks in advance
  5. Buying Advice - Mk2 Focus 1.6 Tdci

    Here's a picture of the plate on my car which is another recent turbo failure :( According to the info given above and according to the plate I've got a 110 BHP with DPF :(