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  1. Rightly or wrongly this is the full comment from the Citroen forum. Maybe checking and re-torquing the bolts as per the comment at the end will make a difference to your injector seals. "Turbo failure associated with blocked oil feed on diesels are NOT caused by oil change issues. They are caused by leaking injector seals. These allow hot gas into the cam box and this carbonised the oil. These hard particles will block the turbo oil feed filter and the main sump strainer. A quick check for an impending problem can be done by removing the brake servo pump and checking its oil strainer. Any bits of carbon and you have a problem. Often the injectors come loose over time and the problem can be cured by just tightening the bolts. Ford (same engine) recommend checking these bolts at certain intervals. Citroen don't!"
  2. In that pdf the only revisions mentioned are sump and dipstick. This thread is cited as a reference for the oil servicing requirements from wikipedia on the engine. http://c4owners.org/plugins/faq/faq.php?0.cat.5.110 There's a comment on there of the opinion that leaking injector seals cause carbonisation of the oil.
  3. Sorry, probably leading you astray there I'm about to tackle the cambelt on my Mk2 Golf so that procedure is at the forefront of my mind.
  4. I hope you have the crank in the right place before taking the pulley off. I didn't like to say this while you were in a hole (well done for getting yourself out of it), but in the Laser Safety Precautions it says Turn the engine in the normal direction (clockwise unless stated otherwise) The wording should be a bit stronger really.. clearly it should say "Do not turn the engine anti clockwise...".
  5. Usb Charging Of Unrecognised Devices

    Tested this on a drive today and it definitely works as soon as I plug in the HTC Touch Pro 2 the backlight goes to maximum just as it does on an AC charger. Even with the screen always on at full beans it either maintains its charge level or gains a small percent :)
  6. Steering Rack Gone At 33K

    What sort of twang? The other steering noise which happens at very low speed as you've described is the strut top mounts. This is more often described as creaking which is the rubber mount being rotated against the painted metal up in the turret sticking and then giving. The strut should be turning in its bearing and leaving the rubber mount where it is. Our car was doing this at 5K 9 months old. The original parts have been superseded so it's either a cost saving that went wrong or just a bad design change. We've traded one noise for another as it seems like they've destroyed the wheel bearings putting it back together.
  7. Usb Charging Of Unrecognised Devices

    One of the devices is a Bluetooth GPS receiver which would never draw more than 500mA. I wouldn't normally plug it in, but the battery is 5 years old and it started to die an hour from home. The orange charge light came on, but soon all the lights went out. It's never done that on anything else. That was when I realised the faux charging wasn't limited to the other device a HTC Touch Pro 2 which should be fine on 500mA. EDIT: I found enough bits and bobs to make a cable for testing early signs are that some charging is now occurring. A bit more testing and I'll buy something a bit neater like a CDL-02POWER EDIT 2: Decided against the CDL-02POWER it looks a bit cheap and nasty so ordered a Lindy branded 0.15m one instead.
  8. Do power only USB cables solve the problem of unrecognised devices not being charged? I have a couple of devices which fall into that category strangely the charge LED on the device lights up, but they don't seem to receive any actual power and run completely flat. I can't use the 12V power socket as I have a semi permanent extension to a hidden 12V socket in the draw with the OBDII port in it which I plug the short lead of a Brodit active holder into.
  9. Fiesta Mk7 1.6 Tdci Wheelbearing?

    Have you cured this with another new bearing? We had some warranty work done last year to cure creaking steering at low speed which involved replacing the strut top mounts and I think they've ruined one or both of the front wheel bearings during reassembly probably by not following the procedure above outlined by Gombal above. Ever since that was done there has been a road speed constant harmonic droning sound. Getting the last work done was pretty horrendous between Ford and the dealer we had to use, but I'd like to get to the bottom of it again before there is no warranty left for what its worth as the neither wanted to pay for it in full or do it after the first year.
  10. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    Ah given the year of your car is the same as ours either my 8GB is a wrongun or they work better with the Sony head units. EDIT: I think the October update might of already been done I couldn't notice any difference in it today with the master volume set to 7 and adaptive volume on the maximum 7. The car did have a couple of iPhones listed in it from the first 6 months use when we bought it.
  11. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    Does anyone know if this update fixed the adaptive volume mentioned in this thread on the October 2011 update? Something else I found a bit strange is I cannot get my HP v165w 8GB USB working reliably, but I found old posts from two people with 09 Titaniums recommending them around the same time as I bought mine. I have a Lexar microsd card reader that works fine though.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Rontok :)