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    Hi Guys, not sure if i am in order joining this forum,i do own a Ford but it is a van,its a Ford courier 1.8 td di 2001. It is simular to a Fiesta,not sure what phase it is,my guess is 3 ? not sure to be honest. Ive owned many Ford cars in the past and the last Ford car i owned was a Modeo 1.8 td year 2000 and i was very pleased with it,i only sold it as i wanted a Motor caravan. A car i owned many years ago was a Mk 1 Cortina,that was a brilliant car and i loved it,my late wife had a thing about Capri's she owned several over the years. Anyhow back to my Courier van,ive only owned it a few weeks and i am happy with it,its plenty fast enough for me and good mpg,i intend "camperising" it that is to fit a bunk and and one or 2 other goodies in order to make it into a 1 man micro camper. The rear of the van is surprisingly spacious,its only 5ft 6 in in lengh but it i tilt the front seats and move them fully forward i can achive just over 6tt,imy first job is fitting a rooflight and extra vents and then onwards with the rest.Ive built many camper vans in the past including a Transit jumbo. Let me know if you dont think i will fit in with this forum and i will not take any offence thank you tom