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  1. Blanked My Egr Off

    Thanks you for the replies, really helpful piper
  2. I’ve blanked my EGR off. Because of this the engine management light comes on. Will this light always stay on or can disconnect it in any way?. Thanks piper
  3. Thanks for the reply it as an electric sensor on the top if that's what you mean.
  4. I took it off because the engine management light came on and when it was put on a diagnostic reader it came up with EGR flow low. Didn't know what else to do. How can i get the engine management light to stay off if i blanked off?
  5. Removed the blanking plate from the EGR this afternoon that the sneaky mechanic put on whilst replacing my actuator and it bellows out black smoke now on acceleration. Really !Removed! off with it all. If anything the car seems worse. Would any one know if i would be entitled to my money back.
  6. Update on my recent thread regarding engine management light coming. Just had a local mobile mechanic around to hook the car up to a diagnostic reader and it came up with Faulty EGR flow. As previously stated the car went in for a faulty actuator, wasn't to concerned at the time because the car was still under warranty. The garage was reluctant to change it because of the cost? Finally they rang me and told me that they had replaced the actuator with a reconditioned one, after keeping the car for a week. What they didn’t tell was they had blocked of the EGR also. Every thing was just fine until a week later when engine management came on That when i found out that they had blankied off the EGR valve. I’m confused why the needed to block the EGR off after replacing the actuator. If i have to replace the EGR will it need recoding in to system or can i just swop it over with another one?
  7. Not Happy With My New Car

    Thanks for the replies, very interesting. Going to have codes read tonight, not really looking forward to it but it's got to be done. Will keep you informed. Thanks again
  8. Hi hoping some one might be able to help me out here. Few weeks ago my glow plug light came on so i had a diagnostic test done and it came up with a problem regarding the actuator faulty so i took the car back to the place i had recently purchased it from. The garage was very reluctant to believe me even with the diagnostic report and kept the car for over a week. They final agreed the actuator was faulty and fitted a recondition one. Every thing was fine and the car drove great until two days ago when the engine management light came on. Not really knowing what to do so i decided to have a look at the engine. I couldn’t find any evidence to say that the actuator had been removed, because it was still covered in the same dirt and grime as the rest of the engine. What was noticeable was a very funny shaped gasket protruding from the EGR , it even looked out of place. Without taking the EGR part iv’e started to think that they haven’t replaced the actuator but just blank of the EGR. Is this possible by just blanking of the EGR it will prevent the coil light from coming on and the car going in to limp mode and minimising the amount black smoke which was noticeable on acceleration. Thanks for looking
  9. Hi would anyone have any ideas as to why the insulation padding underneath the bonnet lid should get absolutely soaking wet when it rains. Should the bonnet have rubber seals on the edge of the bonnet to prevent this from happening. Thanks piper
  10. 2006 Tdci Windscreen

    Thank you for your reply. if non of the above are present how dificult is changing a windscreen?
  11. Hi hope someone can help me out here please. Pretty sure that my new second-hand car that i have recently purchased as had a replacement windscreen. Reason for me thinking this is because i cant see any of the visible lines running through the windscreen for heated screen and rain sensor, which i could see on previous mondeo’s The questions i want to ask are. How can i clarify it is a replacement screen. How can i test the heated screen and rain sensor and if i was to replace with an original screen where would i find the part number. Thank you
  12. Been For A Diagnostics Test Today

    Going for a diagnostic test tomorrow with pretty much the same problem , glow plug light comes on when i put my foot down (hard) and then the car goes into limp mode. It will re-set it self when i turn the engine off. It will be interest to see what come up, not much i hope.
  13. Took the car to be hooked up to a diagnostic machine this mornin,g hoping to pin point the problem but the machine couldn't conect to the onboard computer. In fact he tried two OBD and both refused to work. Got it booked in tomorrow with a guy who says uses a ford OBD
  14. Hi thanks for the reply, do you have the same problem with the glow plug light flashing?
  15. Help Still Having Problems

    Thank you for your reply