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  1. Need An Opinion...

    Oh wow. Have they all been brand new? Thanks Joe. Gonna have a little look now. That's sort of what I'm after.
  2. Need An Opinion...

    Any to be honest mate. As you say though the mark 7 is lovely. I'll have a look at the Zetec S. You took yours out with your local ford dealer then?
  3. Need An Opinion...

    Thanks. :) I dunno, I keep looking but I think I'm too young to worry about getting a new car yet. I'm 21 next week and already on my second. It's more than fine and getting me around safely. I just look at these new ones both exterior and interior and instantly fall in love!
  4. Need An Opinion...

    Sorry for the bump but I didn't want to create a new thread! I lost one of my black trims last week so have had to buy a new set of 4. They came today and I put them on and don't really like them. :( They are black and white and do not go with the red car at all (I don't think). Now they're on though I can't get a refund. If I ever did turn round and sell the car (back to my Ford dealer presumably) would I be better off buying a set of Ford trims off ebay (like so http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/15-FORD-FIESTA-2008-Wheel-Trims-FULL-SET-4-NEW-Sale-/350700977516#vi-content) before hand and also ripping off my ford badge stickers?
  5. My St2

    Who said I wasn't on about your dads car? ;) Extremely good looking ST though. I'm practically torturing myself on here looking at these. Did you get it on finance or outright?
  6. My St2

  7. My New St2

    So jealous. What a stunner!
  8. My 22Nd Birthday 27/4/2013

    Happy birthday George, hope you've had a good day
  9. For the guys who have already ordered/bought one, are you paying on finance or outright?
  10. Pet Peeves

    Great thread. Anything and everything bothers me. I'm short tempered when it comes to driving. Tailgating is my ultimate hate though.
  11. Why Ford?

    Hi guys, don't post on here often but read when I can. The question actually popped into my head the other day and it was just to ask you, Ford Owners, why you choose this make? Have you remained loyal since you drove your first? Why do you prefer this over anything else (within your budget ofcourse). I've noticed a bit of hate for the Corsa on this forum for example :P Why so? Sorry for so many questions !
  12. Need An Opinion...

    Hey lads, thanks for the replies. Yeah, I think it's true the newer the car the cheaper the insurance because of safety etc. When I passed at 18 the 1996 1.2L was a whopping £2500 for fire and theft insurance. Absolute joke. My insurance on the 2007 1.25 is still bad at £1800ish but that's fully comp. Hmm, I'm really interested in doing this now. I bought my car at about £4.5K so would it be fair to say it'll be worth no less than 3K now? I've only put about 4000 miles onto it and its had no problems. I bought it from a Ford garage which could be useful as they have the newer version I want but at 12K so I wouldn't know how they'd approach it. Decisions...
  13. Need An Opinion...

    Sorry if this is in wrong section or against any rules, btw.
  14. Need An Opinion...

    I've had my 07 Fiesta Finesse for a year come October and its been really great. I've been driving 2 years and started with a cheap Corsa before taking a leap to a newer Ford which I prefer. The trouble is I'm never happy and lately I keep seeing a car I really like the look of on the roads and its simply a newer version of the Fiesta but in white! I think it looks awesome. Anyway, my problem. As I say, I've only been driving 2 years and I'm 20 so car insurance in itself is a pain in the back side on its own but at the moment my 07 Fiesta is coming up for renewal. I did pay the car off in full though when I bought it. Do you think it would be silly for me to sell my current car now and go for the more updated white version but on finance? Firstly, I'm guessing they won't come cheap so I'd have to go finance. Secondly, is finance an okay way to go? I've never done it, only heard a little about it so not sure if its worth it. Thirdly, am I being greedy and asking for a bit too much too soon? There's nothing wrong with my red fiesta but the thought of getting a newer one excites me. Cheers.
  15. Mark V Fiesta

    Hi, I posted in the intro thread not so long back but just thought I'd show my face in here aswell. Been driving for a couple of years now. When I passed my test I was driving a 1996 Corsa which was very good to me and had only done something ridiculous like 50k. Anyway, due to travelling quite a bit more now I had saved up after a year for something a bit more powerful and ended up buying a 1.25 Fiesta Finesse which I love. Being inexperienced I haven't done much to it apart from throwing some black rims on and recently buying DMB graphics for the wheels and ford logos on the front and back. Apart from that it's exactly the same. Any idea's what I could do without it hurting my insurance? http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/34938-hey/#entry196456 link to pics.