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    Rocam Needs A Boost

    hi guys, i own a fiesta rsi 2003 model, i live in durban, south africa... does any1 no were i can get a cam and tuning for this model? i love my rsi but it needs to run with or infront of a toyota rxi (^^,)
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    Baby RSi

    The Legend To Me
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    From the album: Baby RSi

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    From the album: Baby RSi

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    From the album: Baby RSi

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    From the album: Baby RSi

  7. howsit guys and gals Im new on the site, i stay in South Africa, i recently purchased a ford fiesta 1.6i Rsi rocam 2003 model, Ive serviced her myself three times already and i wanted to know even though a dumb question does this car take synthetic oil or just the basic multigrade oil?