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  1. Price is an absolute ripoff. Shop around you should get an independent quote for £350. Or do it yourself, cost me £150 in parts and 2 hours labour.
  2. Could be the DPF has fractured, what is this carbon cleaned process?
  3. Replaced my rear springs , 2019 MOT an advisory for being corroded. The soft sponge supports at the top were also replaced as also badly worn.
  4. OK have sorted the problem and this may help somebody else with a 2011 1.6 TDCi TZJA engine. Middle of the year the timing belt tensioner was changed (don't ask me why ask Ford!) what the difference is? Possibly the spring tension. Continental do a complete water pump/timing/tensioner kit and list two different types based on year, according to ETIS my car was built in June so I assumed the engine was assembled in May, the tensioner was changed in July so for my car the correct kit is CT1162WP2. For vehicles manufactured after July the Continental kit is CT1162WP4.
  5. Fitted new tensioner for accessory belt and its whining again! Will run it for a few days and see if it settles.
  6. No leaks and its clean under the covers. New belt felt waxy so maybe a coating of something? I washed all the pulleys with brake cleaner before fitting the belt. Just re-assembled it all and the new tensioner would not work as expected. So I've put the old one back in (bearing is fine) tensioned OK and run the engine without the accessory belt & tensioner. Sounds lovely!! 🤩
  7. Did think that as I have replaced all. Just stripped it all down again, tensioner in correct position but there appears to be black gunge in the grooves on the timing belt. All the pulleys are clean so not sure what it is, it wipes off easily. Is the belt defective? Its a Dayco 941048 and there web catalogue give the correct type.
  8. Just changed the timing belt, water pump on my Fiesta, with new tensioner & idler wheel. Car starts OK but there is now a whine when off the throttle in gear. Stripped it down again and the tensioner had moved slightly. When I torqued up the bolt I noticed it moved so I set it off centre and when I tightened it up it was bang in the middle. Still makes a whine! Any ideas what next?
  9. Common problem on Mazda diesels but never seen that on a petrol. How truthful is the service history?
  10. Are the front tyres fitted the right way round? There should be an arrow saying rotation direction if they are asymmetric tyres.
  11. Sounds like the steering rack is bent.
  12. Get the full Ford service, I do and you get 1 year free AA cover bargain!
  13. Had my 1.6TDCi from new and no problems. If you drive less than 20K miles a year stick with petrol.
  14. 1K a month is 12K annually, petrol 1.4