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  1. Ecoboost low oil pressure

    Common problem on Mazda diesels but never seen that on a petrol. How truthful is the service history?
  2. Thumping noise from tyres

    Are the front tyres fitted the right way round? There should be an arrow saying rotation direction if they are asymmetric tyres.
  3. Grinding & stiff PAS

    Sounds like the steering rack is bent.
  4. Which service should I choose?

    Get the full Ford service, I do and you get 1 year free AA cover bargain!
  5. Is Fiesta 1.4 / 1.6 tdci mk7 reliable?

    Had my 1.6TDCi from new and no problems. If you drive less than 20K miles a year stick with petrol.
  6. Mk 7 1.4l or 1.6l Petrol?

    1K a month is 12K annually, petrol 1.4
  7. Faulty fuel tank or gauge console

    Take it to another Ford dealer
  8. Fiesta 06 1.4 tdci crank pulley

    Left mine on when I did my Mondeo.
  9. Fiesta ST-2 Bumper help

    Dealer could deny all knowledge and say you or somebody else did the damage. Looks like some form of bodging has been done already.
  10. suspected gasket problem

    Sounds like a bunch of cowboys, the 3 month warranty is irrelevant, you are covered for 6 months for any faults that were present or developing from the date of sale. He should not be charging you for faults.
  11. Ford Fiesta MK7 door seal

    Common problem and it looks like its been bodged before. Clean the old muck off and stick it down with Tiger Seal.
  12. mk7 fiesta smell of burning

    Could be a DPF regeneration, take it for a good thrash on the motorway and check the oil level before you do.
  13. Depends where you take it, ring round for some quotes.
  14. Best time to buy a new car?

    If your a cash buyer the best time to buy is November/December or through a car broker. Anything else is what the manufacturer/dealer has to offer.
  15. Ford Fiesta MK6 - Coolent

    Could be damp around the coil pack/plugs spray some WD40 on them and see if that cures it.
  16. Fiesta 1.4 tdci '06 lag/hesitation

    Check the rubber pipe from the turbo to the waste-gate, it can split, if you take the air inlet pipe off can you see the turbo spinning?
  17. Ford Fiesta MK6 - Coolent

    Given the low mileage it doesn't get driven far so the white smoke in the exhaust is condensation, take it for a good thrash up the motorway that will clear it and empty the exhaust of water. You will see the water move in the coolant tank, so long as you don't have to top it up every week the car sounds fine. Not sure what the juddering is, is the car petrol or diesel?
  18. MK7 Fiesta Wheels & Alloy Sizes

  19. Engine struggles to start.

    Battery has done well if its original and I would change it. If the plugs are original I would sell the car as it's been neglected.
  20. Wheel Movement

    Something is definitely bent! Either the lower wishbone or if your really lucky the front sub-frame as well.
  21. Fiesta titanium

    Australian model?
  22. Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost oil cooler installation

    On the one day a year it's hot in England I'd walk!
  23. MK6 1.4 TDCi questions.

    Sounds like the valve stem seals are leaking. Given the mileage and age of the car how much money do you want to spend?
  24. Wont fire up straight away

    Check the injectors are not leaking or starting to leak, common problem.