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  1. Cycle Carrier For Mk3 Focus Hatchback

    I have 2 electric (pedelac/epac) bikes both of which weigh about 30-35kgms Since most bike carriers only hold 2 x 15kgm bikes I ended up with a very expensive Thule one. This carries 2 x 35kgm bikes and fits onto the (electric) towbar. I was a bit nervous at first since I was unsure about its capability to lock onto the ball, but I've had no problems so far and I can swing on it and it doesn't budge an inch. Also it tilts which allows the rear hatch to open, but more importantly as I found out trying to use it, its a lot easier to mount a heavy bike. Bought from Halfords ( had to be ordered - took a day longer than anticipated, but what the heck ) I think you can get direct from the Thule website ( wider choice there ). http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/gallery/image/7558-dsc-0035/ Good Luck Uncle
  2. Cycle Rack

  3. Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

    My Focus is a Mk3 TiX bought new last year, and I initially had all sorts of problems with the keyless entry. That is until on a visit to my dealer, it was pointed out that I shouldn't try and lock it by putting my hand round the handle and pressing the little black window, I was trying to lock and unlock it at the same time! Doh! The other thing I didn't realise at first is that only the door near the sensor will unlock, i.e. if I stand next to the drivers door the passenger cannot unlock it on the other side. My excuse is my old age...
  4. Zetec S Spoiler On Titx

    Looks good Foci. My titx is built and swanning round europe at the moment, thankfully my local Ford dealer is great at keeping me informed. I ended up with Lunar Sky ( wife didn't like Candy Red ) due to the non availability of the Ink Blue I must admit that the spoilers on the Ecoboost in the local showroom look much better than the plain one fitted to the titx.
  5. Jealous...

    Preee and Foci_st3 are making me very jealous. I ordered my titx in July from my local dealer, only to have the order cancelled by Ford towards the back end of August. Apparently you can't have leather interior with Ink Blue paintwork. I let the family choose the colour, I chose the model ( 2.0 diesel auto, all options except the 18" wheels - too many cobbled streets in Bradford... ) Its back on order now with a different colour and I've got a probable build date of 2nd October. Dealer reckons to have it ready for me 1st week in November, which I can't understand - didn't Ford invent the production line? Anyway grats to Preee and Foci, I hope you both enjoy your new cars! I'll take some photos when I get mine! Uncle
  6. Factory Fit Sunroof

    You're right Tomo2001, unfortunately the glasses holder is at the front of the overhead console and would therefore presumably be the last to go. I've emailed a query to Ford and found the focus manuals online while I was looking. It doesn't show the inside of the car but the operating button is apparently between the sunvisors... Peter
  7. Factory Fit Sunroof

    Many thanks for the replies, especially ShinyAndy. The latest Focus pdf brochure under interior convenience features says 'Sunroof - Power tilt/slide ( not with overhead console ) - 5 door only' . I assumed that the console referred to was part of the sunroof and it wasn't till I saw a showroom focus that I realised they may have been referring to the existing one fitted in the car. But hopefully as ShinyAndy says, at worst I will get an alternative. So I'll find out for real in 12 weeks time :) Thx Peter
  8. Factory Fit Sunroof

    Hi, I've just ordered a factory built Titanium X with a sunroof ( I'm old enough that sunroofs were common on most of my cars ). The question is, what do Ford drop form the roof to fit the sunroof in?. Looking at a showroom car today it appears that there is a block at the front of the roof with map lights etc., and then 2 sets of interior lights one central and one in the rear. Obviously something's gonna have to go to fit in the sunroof, does anyone know what? Thanks Peter
  9. Hi All

    Hi - I'm Peter a soon to be Ford owner. I've just arranged the purchase of a new Focus Titanium X, and since its a factory order I'm getting a second hand Fiesta Flame in the interim. Not got either yet so no photos - sorry. I want to ask a question about the factory fit sunroof, where's the best place in the forum to post? It seems like a friendly bunch here, I'll be dipping in regularly Thanks Unclepierre
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Unclepierre :)