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    Booked. First time on the FordOwnersClub stand See you all there Cal
  2. Yeah, Ill test it when I have a spare min. Whats the voltage? Usual 12v? I never really touched the metal board on the back, I simply wanted to know what connectors n wire colour / combinations are there to fit a second interior light. Hope I can get it sorted soon, my interior it currently stripped for a few changes, when its all back together having no interior light is gunna really bug me lol Thanks guys, Cal
  3. No fuses are blown, I've checked them all, I believe there is short circuit protection in the GEM, but i think its still tripped, It needs resetting but not sure how :( Thanks, Cal
  4. Hi, I've been messing with my interior light n 'tripped' all the electrics in the Fiesta MK7 (2009) I disconnected the battery n reconnected and everything seems to be working now apart from the interior light. All fuses are still intact, so I'm thinking the GEM has tripped the interior light circuit. Is there a way of resetting the GEM or any other way of fixing this issue? I didn't touch the bulb so that isn't the problem, I think I might have knocked a connector on the interior light which triggered it. Any help on how to get my interior light working again will be great. Thanks, Callum
  5. What Private Regi To Get?

    Have a look at the DVLA reg auction list: http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/auction/next.html U can usually grab a bargain. Next auction is in Leeds in march I think. Although they also have online auctions aswell throughout the year. Ive got my eye on a couple :) Or look for something like: LL11 AAM LL11 AMM LL11 AMX LL11 AMx (x being ur last name initial) Thanks, Cal
  6. Bluetooth To Bt+Usb - Panel Removal?

    Where does the wiring loom (1710952) connect to? (is this the main wiring loom?) Does this connect behind the stereo? Which connection is it for? the 1 or 2 plug? Thanks, Callum
  7. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Ahwell, thats fine. Does it still opperate exactly the same? Can both pre/post 2010 looms fit this module though? I know u said about the stereo having different connections. Im on the hunt for a MK7 with all the goodies now, a Titanium is being broken local-ish, hopefully this will have the spec' im after. Thanks, Cal
  8. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Thanks for the helpful reply :) Regarding the module, here are a few pics: Thanks, Cal
  9. Adding USB to a MK7 with Bluetooth

    Ive been watching this thread in the background for a couple of months now n im still slightly confused. To start, I have a Style with AUX only, base model module n cd player, no bluetooth n voice control etc. I just wanted USB connection at first, but now want everything!! So im gunna be starting from scratch! I have bought: - The 8m5t-19c112-AM module. - Higher spec multi line matrix display. I know im knowhere near the point of fitting. I hear that there are 2 different types of loom pre/post 2010, this also mean the stereos have different connections. My question is.. before i start stocking up on parts... Is the 8m5t-19c112-AM module pre/post 2010 or can it be used on any? is the connector port different? Does the audio loom connect to the interior loom atall or is it sperate? Right! So i still need: - CD player with keypad - Interior light with microphone - Indicator stalk - left or right? - Loom pre/post 2010? - 2 cables that attatch together for USB - USB port (near gearstick) - AUX + USB faceplate (near gearstick) Anything else atall?? Finally, is there anyone in the northwest that can sort out the IDS software? preferably someone who has done it previously? I dont really want to go to Ford as ive read people having problems. Although i dont really mind travelling, aslong as everything works fine afterwards. At the same time as activating USB, Bluetooth, voice control etc, can my rear speakers also be easily activated? Any help atall will be much appreciated!! Thanks, Callum
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums L7 NCH :)