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  1. Fiesta 2010 Tdci 1.4

    Things have developed tomorrow it's getting two track rod ends. Left hand track rod Has movement in it when at slow speed and slightly turning less than quarter of a turn. In straight line position it's fine.
  2. Hi need some help, I have a 2010 1.4 tdci fiesta. I have had a strange noise for a while now it's starting not getting worse, when moving away slowly using just clutch steer just over 1/4 turn to the right I have a moaning noise or vibration it only dose it when very slow once the cluch is up is fine and only dose it when turning right and only dose I it when the cars moving not when handbrake is on. Clutch is good. Drives away in a straight line and left fine. It seems to come from the left side front. I have had it checked by a local garage, I have replaced anti roll bar links both sides, I have the left top gearbox mount replaced, I have had rear gearbox mount replaced . Brakes checked for sticking its fine, we are thinking of driveshaft on the left side, or right top engine mount. I don't think it's the steering colum at there any comon faults with steering rack. Steering does seem smooth I have heard something in the past that the rack needs oil ? Any suggestions
  3. Fiesta 2010 Tdci 1.4

    The noise comes on weather the brakes are on or off, dosent have a dfp
  4. Fiesta 2010 Tdci 1.4

    Hi Hi have a vibration problem on my car it's getting annoying. The car drives great Really smooth apart from not all the time very intermittent, when slowing down to a t junction with a slight down hill sloap changing from 3rd to second gear clutch up and the revs drop down I get a vibration or rattle it can happen if the brakes are slightly applied or just slowing down in the gear, it does happen sometimes in 3rd gear. Clutch and gears are nice and smooth. It's been checked out at 2 garages who aren't sure, what it could be I have been told it dosent sounding like flywheel or clutch. I have had replaced the left gearbox mount and lower gearbox mount, lubricated Anti roll bushes. I have read just on here that some times the clutch hydraulic pipe vibrates at low revs, were abouts does it vibrate. Any advice much appreciated
  5. Clutch Pedal Vibration

    Have looked at it further it seems to be coming through the pedal from the enging vibration ? Anyone had this before
  6. Clutch Pedal Vibration

    Hi I have a 2010 fiesta with 7000 miles on the clock i have just purchased the car, I seem to have a vibration through the clutch pedal when fully pressed down it seem to vibrate once I move it to the bight seems fine. Gear selection is fine, anyone else come across this problem.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Terryhs :)