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  1. I don't think you need to change oil after a static regeneration of the FAP... The oil only gets contaminated when you abort several regeneration attempts! Only when you abort the regeneration (stop the engine during a regeneration) you will have diesel from the post injection in the cylinder that will go down to the sump. As far as I understand a static regeneration will have the same results as a complete dynamic regeneration.
  2. What about if you open the driver's door? If you pull the driver's interior lock just enought to unlock the door it should unlock all doors and boot. Auto-lock should have nothing to do with the anti-hijack function! That you can activate/de-activate with you remote. Just keep near the car and press both lock and unlock buttons. After three seconds the indicators will flash and you should de-activate or activate the anti hijack. You can repeat the procedure and it will get to the former state.
  3. Why didn't they update the HEC to a later version? 0509 is not the latest version available... The strange thing is that my HEC is on 0230 and also have that NVM EEPROM LVL 00001 FAIL but works fine... i think!
  4. Can anyone tell me which are the best drivers for an USB ELM so I can update my HEC to rom 0509? I am using Windows XP 32bits and I tried to download the FTDI drivers from their website but Windows won't install the ELM with those drivers. I had to install it with Prolific drivers. Once installed I made the speed test in ELM Config and all gave me OK result. But after test was over I couldn't enter with any speed. I had to unplug the ELM and close the Elm Config and started all again. The problem is that I can only enter with 38400 speed. No other option works....
  5. Hi folks. I have a Focus Mk1 and I am retrofitting a MK3 Auto Headlights/Wipers module. Can anyone get me a wiring schematics for a Mondeo MK3 where this module is present. I have a retrofit schematic but I have some doubts because I already saw two contraditory schematics... The module I have has 14 pins and is like this one: I already saw several wirings from Autodata but I can't find this module that I believe that came with Mondeos from 2000 to 2005 at least...
  6. From what I already saw and what I have eard the safest way is to get away from Page 3 of the HEC configuration... Even reading from unit is dangerous and you can't have a backup of that before reading it... If the battery reset doesn't work I guess the only option will be a Ford dealer to update your HEC. Let's hope that a new HEC is not necessary...
  7. I used the latest ElmConfig 0.2.5 on my 2008 Focus 2.0 TDci and I am getting a strange error... I think it is a bug from the software. When I try to read from HEC in the Configuration page 3 (the page that has all the chimes...) I get an error saying that it is strongly recomended to use an USB ELM and that bluetooth modulo can damage the unit. But this page has only several boxes to tick... I click ok to continue and it tried to write something to the HEC unit but it stoped few seconds after started. Everything works fine on HEC. Is this a bug in the software? Shouldn't this page work just like the others? The only task that I didn't tried yet was the HEC firmware update because my ELM is bluetooth. I am already waiting for a USB one to do the firmware update but I didn't expect that it was also necessary for the page 3 of the HEC configuration... I already used the ElmConfig before but the older version I had didn't have that page 3...
  8. Is it just me or the only thing translated to English is the Body Control Modulo (BCM)? I can only see Information and Procedures inside BCM... How can you configure anything without the Configuration tab?
  9. Building A Pop-Up Satnav Into A Focus?

    Already thought about it but that would not be too easy. I have a TomTom Go730 which has a mini-USB power connection on the bottom. I could easily connect a 12V power socket all the time and though in using some manual mechanism like the ones you can find on the "popup" cup holder of several cars.This way you could press is down untill the GPS remained in the lower position ans give it a push so it would "popup". But I never started to implement this as it would need to cut the dash pocket and to choose a position where the GPS fit when in the lower position. As I only use the GPS 10-15 times a year I kept this mod in stand by... Maybe if I get a spare dash pocket I will try to do this...
  10. I also read it before. Unchecking the Eco Shift light box should solve the missing steering settings in the menu.
  11. It will auto relock when you drive faster then the selected speed if you check the "auto relocking" box.
  12. Great news!! But that version of ELMConfig it still not fully translated to English...
  13. Right. The eco-mode is only for the MK2,5. In the MK2 you can activate the instant fuel consumption and the auto door lock.
  14. It's posible to stream music through bluetooth. If you don't have the latest firmware you might not have that option. If not then you can update it with a USB pen drive and then you will have that option when you press the USB/CD option.
  15. The switch must have 6 pins. It can have only 2 positions but must have two poles. You must have the can-H and can-L of the module in the middle pins and then the HS-CAN can-H and Can-L on one side and the MS-CAN CAN-H and CAN-L on the other side. If you see the electric scheme on the first post the idea is to be able to connect the module to the MS-CAN and to the HS-CAN.