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  1. Engine Stuttering?

    This is going back a while so I can't quite remember, I still have the stuttering problem however.. At one point I couldn't even put the car into gear and had to call out a recovery vehicle, the mechanic put his foot down in neutral and it kicked back into life, he thought It was something in one of the valves stuck. Every now and then I just have to put my foot down a bit and It seems to stop it for a while, but apparently it can be caused by a multitude of things. Sorry I can't be more help! Dan
  2. Hey guys.. Back again with more engine stuttering! (http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/37750-engine-stuttering/#entry216065) I took it down the garage a while back and the guy said it looked like fluid was getting in with the sparks, causing it to short and miss-fire. It's been fine up-till now and has suddenly started again, almost more violently. I checked the sparks first thing, and it looks like 2 of the chambers have a brown liquid at the base of the plugs which i assume to be oil. Now I can't remember exactly what the guy said to me, but apparently it is to do with the threading corroding and allowing fluid in. I was wondering, since i've got my MOT coming up in a few days, would this be worth fixing? (along with it's yearly weld and a bunch of other problems that need fixing). I reckon getting it past it's MOT is going to cost at least £300-400 without fixing this engine problem, and I'm not sure if its just worth scrapping it and getting a new car altogether? Cheers, Dan
  3. Engine Stuttering?

    Wicked! cheers guys! I shall try to get the coil pack sorted asap :D I'm assuming this is the right part? http://www.directcarparts.co.uk/product/1556/tc05/cu1007-ford-fiestacougarfocus-ignition-coil-pack.html
  4. Engine Stuttering?

    Hey guys, Fairly recently I fixed a revving problem which I posted about on here and got some good suggestions! (http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/35039-ford-fiesta-revving-problem/#entry197217) Now my car seems to be randomly having issues with the engine stuttering, it seems to randomly come and go so recreating the conditions is quite difficult. Usually it starts when I take off in First gear and it feels like it's going to stall or its choking on something which makes acceleration difficult, second gear it's still quite violent shudders but can usually get me up-to speed, from third and fourth gear the shudders are far less noticeable. The odd thing is once I'm up-to speed, or if I accelerate very slowly, the car seems to behave fine! It seems to be ok in neutral, however, when I was waiting outside work the other day it was having little 'hiccups'. As i said sometimes its fine, and the car will behave normally, which makes me think there could be a blockage somewhere? Someone from work suggested that there is something blocking a filter which is attached to the carburettor? (Apparently this filter isn't even mentioned in the haynes manual) Something I've noticed is that there seems to be less power when its playing up and that there may be a ticking noise coming from the engine? This may just me being paranoid though lol.. Any-ways I thought I would post on here to see if anyone else has had a similar problem or knows of a fix :) Cheers
  5. Ford Fiesta Revving Problem..

    It was a good read but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem.. However, whist looking for a different sensor we discovered a pipe/tube had become disconnected which should of been attached to the fuel injection system? Apparently this has been disconnected since my nan's had it (about 7 years lol) Thanks for the support though, maybe this will help someone else out who's having the same problem :)
  6. Ford Fiesta Revving Problem..

    That's great, we're gonna have a look at it later today to see if we can find the same bit your talking about :)
  7. Hey guys! I've had an issue with my Fiesta (1.25 Zetec) not passing its M.O.T. due to it not being able to partake in the Emissions test, reason being, the revving is completely unstable. It's had this problem since I can remember and only now have I had an issue with the M.O.T. In short the problem is like so. While idle the car revs around 1k-1.2k Upon depressing the throttle the engine revs quickly up-to around 3k then up-to 4k. If during this the throttle is disengaged the engine keeps revving as if I am tapping the throttle, even though I am doing nothing. (Occasionally it resets to idle but putting it into gear and finding the bite quickly restores it) During a gear change the engine occasionally over-revs During the emissions test they need to keep the engine around 2.5k-3k revs for a sustained period of time, but unfortunately it cannot be kept stable. Things we have tried are :- Cleaning/Changing the IAC (Idle Air-control valve) Cleaning/Changing the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Checked the vacuum pipes Removed the ECU fuses for 10 mins, then plugged back in Disconnected battery for 30 mins, idled for 10 mins, drove for 10 miles Starting to run out of ideas now as to what could be causing the problem, something else that can apparently do it is a sensor related to or nearby the power steering column ( I can't remember the exact one, it's been a long day haha) Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and had an idea as to what could be causing it, apparently it's quite common and can be lots of little things..
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Kazlok :)