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  1. Need Some Spare Parts

    Cheers guys.. Managed to get it all for just under £100 from ford seemed the best place to go as they coloured matched everything i needed.. Now back to its normal self
  2. Need Some Spare Parts

    Hello everyone am very new to this forum business so be nice. Have had my fiesta zetec s for a few months now but i woke up this morning to find a few pieces missing will upload some pictures with this to let you know what bits im talking about. The first piece is on the side skirts of the car which are just a plastic piece that clip onto the side skirts. .The other bit is located on the front bumper of the car seems to maybe be where some kind of tow bar could go but not 100%. Would be very thankful if anyone has any idea where i could get these parts from or if its best to go direct to ford for these. Cheers everyone
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums SamMc21 :)