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  1. I have a very unusual problem with my Focus and am hoping someone may have experienced this and/or have the answers on how to fix it. When I change from 2nd to 3rd gear All of the electrics in the car seem to switch off and back on again? By this I mean the Radio turns off, all lights on the dash board go off and then ALL lights illuminate before everything returns to normal. (It is almost as if the ignition is switched off and back to the 2nd point before you start the car) However the engine remains running and the car remains usable (PAS, ABS etc all continue to work fine with no interruptions to the performance. Has anybody else experienced this? I think it could be one of 2 things: 1: A cable is being shorted when changing gear - maybe there is a broken cable somewhere being touched when the mechanics are going to 3rd 2: loose battery cable which is being nudged when changing to 3rd I can not understand why this only happens in 3rd gear. Changing from 4th to 3rd doesnt seem to be a problem, just changing from 2nd to 3rd? Any advice would be greatly appeciated. Car is a 2005 Ford Focus TDCi 1.6L Diesel Many Thanks
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums uksimon :)