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  1. Yeah its fine once I've moved off and it is worse once I get into it in the morning.
  2. Hello, I have been having this problem intermittently with my 59 plate Fiesta 1.25, when I start the car and put it into gear the car won't move. I have to rev the engine to above 2k rpm for it to move. Other times it will be fine but I can't think what could be wrong. Also, when I start the car the 'powertrain' light comes on but goes off with the rest of the lights. I can't remember the light coming on before so I don't know if it is supposed to. Thanks, DBL3
  3. Engine Coolant

    Thanks btmaldon, wasn't quite sure because I've heard that there are 2 different types of coolant. The car is due a service in 2 weeks so I'll be checking with them. :)
  4. Engine Coolant

    Hello, My Dad told me that my Fiesta's engine coolant was at the min mark and he topped it up. The stuff he topped it up with was blue, which is different to the orange/pink coloured stuff that was already in it. Does this affect the car that much as it is a different colour or is it OK to do this? Thanks, Dan
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums DBL3 :)