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  1. Bonnet Lock... Can't Get In! Help :(

    Hey everyone! Just gone to fill up the screen wash and we can't open the bonnet, the key just turns and nothing happens! Is this going to cost a small fortune to fix?
  2. Hey All- Newbie Here - Ford Focus Zetec S

    Hey All, We are new to this forum and we have seen some great looking cars and got some good ideas! We would love to hear of any ideas from you all, I have added some pics would love to hear of what you all think :) We have only had the car for couple of months and done a few bits to it now... Changed the alloys, Exhausts and the odd painting jobs. The headlights are next in the list. Steve and Michelle
  3. Selling Focus Question

    Can I have info and pic of your car as I have a friend wAnting one. Thanks
  4. How Much Is It Worth?

    Hi All, Havent been on here in ages... we kind of run out of things we wanted to do on the car! Just wondered how much would you value our car at? Focus Zetec S 2.0 TDCI 59 Plate 60k Miles FSH, Tax, MOT etc.... I cant seem to find many about to get a rough price. We brought it last May for £9k, so guessing we have lost a lot of money now the new shape is taking over! Great to hear what you think?
  5. My 2010 Zetec S

    Great looking car! Good to see other zetec s on here! Like the alloys!
  6. How Much Is It Worth?

    Thanks everyone! Won't be selling it anytime soon, had a friend interested in buying but I don't think I want to part from it just yet! They are desperate for it!!
  7. Guide To Fixing Common Focus Bonnet Lock Problem.

    Great guide! Saved us a lot worry of woundering how we could get open the bonnet! After reading this guide we were in within5-10min! Well explained and easy to follow! THANK YOU :D
  8. Painted Fog Light Surrounds & Grille's

    I decided to paint the fog light surrounds and the upper and lower grille today in black gloss to match the splitter, They we're originally a grey matte (the pictures don't make it appear much different, guess it looks better in real life) Brought the grey primer and black gloss paint from Halfords so cost about £12 to do. I have attached some pictures, Be good to hear what you think :) just deciding what to do next! Steve & Michelle Before After
  9. Painted Fog Light Surrounds & Grille's

    Look forward to seeing the pics!:)
  10. Just Found This Site

    Welcome! :)
  11. Insurance For Young Drivers...

    I'm dreading when they change the laws for women, we are due renewal soon and had quotes of around £600 for both of us, me as the main driver- female age 23 with 4 yrs Ncb and Steve is 25 with 3 yrs Ncb but who knows how much it will be next year!!:( but pleased with that quote on a 2.0 tdci focus zetec s.
  12. Painted Fog Light Surrounds & Grille's

    Thanks mate il check them out and in regards to the splitter yeh i did drill the rivet out and replaced with the bolt and locking nut. Good luck :) and be sure to upload some photos when your done!
  13. Painted Fog Light Surrounds & Grille's

    hello lenny, sorry its taken so long to reply ive been so busy! yeh ours took about 7 days to come aswell and came with all relevant fittings, he's a top geeza at triple r composites and provides a first class service! when you come to fit it a bit of advice.........ul need 2 people and i recommend jacking the front of your car right up so you can get a drill underneath to drill the holes. other than that make sure its lined up properly ( it will be a perfect fit ) drill one hole one side and fix that then do the same the other side and then the middle, tighten it up making sure its in the right place then drill the rest of the holes. it only took me about an hour or so and the end result is great! good luck mate and upload some pictures when your done :) p.s what light brows have you got and where did you get them from? been trying to find some but have had no luck :(
  14. Private Registration Plates

    Very easy to do, just remember when you change cars (which I expect you won't do soon) there is extra charges I just paid £80 to have it transferred
  15. Bonnet Lock... Can't Get In! Help :(

    Thank you! Great help, hope we can do it
  16. Bonnet Lock... Can't Get In! Help :(

    thank you Pree, cant find it but shall carry on hunting for it :)
  17. Painted Fog Light Surrounds & Grille's

    Great, thank you!:) You staying with a ford or got something else in mind?
  18. Painted Fog Light Surrounds & Grille's

    Oh ok, will def look into them then. Where did you get yours from?
  19. Painted Fog Light Surrounds & Grille's

    We can't decide where we want to fit the drl or to get the fog light ones... Keep looking them up though
  20. The Focus Zetec S Thread...

    Yeah we have two, we just brought the tips then someone fitted them for us.
  21. The Focus Zetec S Thread...

    Very nice! Adds a little something to back!
  22. The Focus Zetec S Thread...

    It comes in black gloss but I'm not sure if they do it any colour etc... He is a nice bloke to ask question too. And he includes all the screws, and makes the holes ready in it so you just get under the car and drill it in to place took about an hour to do, easy!
  23. The Focus Zetec S Thread...

    Thanks Lenny, we are really pleased with it :) although learning to drive a bit more carefully over bumps and parking near kurbs lol. Yes he takes PayPal, so was really simple to pay for and we got it about 7-8days later it's made to order so he is really efficient! We were deciding for a while what alloys to get but glad we got those in the end
  24. The Focus Zetec S Thread...

    Nice car Lenny, loving the Daytime running lights!
  25. The Focus Zetec S Thread...

    Did you fit them yourself? I was thinking it would be alot more than that... Around £200 I was thinking