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  1. Hmmm. Spoke to the mechanic this morning, he's apparently tried 2 evap sensors and it didn't clear the problem, so back to the computer to see if there's any other fault codes =/ I can only assume the fuel filter/pump has been checked and ruled out. Can anyone suggest any other possible causes I could ask to be checked?
  2. I'm new to the forum (never asked for help with a car online before!) and hoping for some advice, or for info from someone who may have experienced this problem. Last week, I bought a 1999 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec. My dad had given it the once over, took it for a test run and (with it having a full MOT) everything seemed fine. I drove it round town for a few days, everything seemed lovely. Having not had a Fiesta before, I really enjoyed driving it. However, the first time I took it above 40mph on a dual carriageway, I noticed a major problem. In fourth/fifth gear, trying to get above 45mph, the car starts to judder in a rather scary way and sounds as though the engine is getting ready to blow up. It really struggles in 5th gear, and both dad and I struggled to get it above 50mph. Driving normally around town (as I usually do) everything seems fine, it's a dream to drive. What could be wrong with it? Dad at first wondered if it was something to do with the drive shaft, now wondering if gearbox may be the problem? Had gearbox fluids checked already; it could do with a service and we don't know when the timing belt was last changed so planned to do these jobs as soon as I bought it. I really do like the car, but have such a tight budget, basically used all the saving I had to get the car in the first place, and shopped around for weeks to make sure I'd got a car which wouldn't need any expensive work doing straight away. If anyone has a good idea of what could be wrong, it will help me figure out whether to try and return it (bought from a small-time local dealer) or whether it could be easily fixed. TBH, I'm a bit gutted as I do really like the car. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  3. Just spoke to the trader, he says the garage has checked the car for faults on the computer and came up with an evap system problem. I'm not sure what this means, is it a big issue?
  4. Thank you for your advice. I called the trader and he's arranged for his mechanic to take a look (it's in the garage now). So hopefully will have it fixed later today or tomorrow. Will post later when I've talked to the mechanic to let you know =)
  5. Thanks Lenny, that seems logical considering how the car feels when trying to drive at speed (it feels choked). Also, it's in dire need of a service, so it wouldn't surprise me if the fuel filter has never been changed. Do you know it its possible to check the fuel filter easily on a Fiesta? Checked the manual and googled for a diagram of location but still unsure. If I could check myself, then could buy a filter from the local motor spares and have it ready to change when I have help. It's a big relief to know it might not be the gearbox =)