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  1. Ford Focus Zetec S Keyless Start..

    Ahh that's what I was doing wrong then :) Thanks for your help I appreciate it
  2. Hi guys. Very recently my keyless start for my Ford Focus has started going a bit dodgy. It pretty much decides itself if it wants to start or not. There's nothing wrong with the battery as everything works inside the car (radio, windows etc). So as a failsafe I decided to use the actual ignition, now here lies the problem. There doesn't seem to be an ignition. I've removed the cover and put the key where the ignition should be but the key will not turn at all and there are no symbols that a usual ignition has on it. Am I doing something wrong? The guys at Ford gave me a manual that has nothing to do with my car at all so I'm just wondering if any of you have started your car with the keys, and if so... how? Thanks in advance guys :)
  3. Gel Overlays

    Yeah mate they just stick right over the existing ford badges .
  4. Gel Overlays

    So my overlays finally came.. I think they look ok how about you guys?
  5. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    Definitely a job to do today :D
  6. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    That easy?!? Well surely I can't mess that up.. Gives me something to do today I think
  7. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    Yeah it more than likely will but it will look so much more smooth once they are off. Shopping around for the best quotes on debadging now, don't trust myself ill more than likely mess something up haha
  8. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    I don't mind guys have a natter lol. Lenny just looking at debadging the focus and Zetec 1.6, leaving the boot handle exactly where it is :)
  9. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    Thanks guys and yeah the carbon badges on the way. Will post pictures when they arrive
  10. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    Thanks mate. Just ordered my gel overlays. Carbon with light blue should go well with the colour will post pictures when they arrive
  11. My 2010 Zetec S

    Beautiful Zetec S there mate. Massive fan of them and I love mine. Some nice mods too, I got the S badge on my steering wheel and exhausts but looking at loads more yet. Keep up the good work though looks really well
  12. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    I think they have actually. Will have a look now cus I think that's a good combination
  13. I'm Back Finally With My Exhausts :)

    Thanks pal. And those gel overlays that make the ford badge a different colour, really stuck on the colour to choose that'll go with my car colour. Looked at the black and chrome and red and chrome but not sure
  14. Hey guys. After months of being made redundant I finally got a job and was able to put these baby's on, I think they finish off that rear bumper really well. just seein if you guys think the same :) de badging to come next. Also, was looking at the gel badge overlays.. But not sure of the colours to choose, what do you guys think would suit the vision blue?
  15. My Ford Focus

    Yeah I'll be sure to do that mate. Pictures will be up and how much it costs. From what I've seen on my brothers mates BMW its a top notch job. So like a kid at Christmas waiting for these to get fitted. Aye yeah only about 15 miles up road from me